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Day walking Sierra Aracena
Day walking Sierra Aracena
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Sierra Aracena Donkey
Donkey in the Sierra Aracena
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Walking the Sierra Aracena
Walking Sierra Aracena

Walking Holidays in the Sierra de Aracena, Andalucia, Spain

Guided Walking Tours from village to village in the Sierra de Aracena, Seville

Dates- September to June

Prices - Discounted prices - from €60 per person per day (minimum 2 persons) - 1 person rate is €95

Accommodation - Hotels and hostels in small country villages

Walking and hiking tours in the unique setting of the Natural Parks of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche. Great walking from village to village staying in hotels or mountain refuge. A warm welcome is extended to all visitors. Details of some of the walking routes are given below.

Walking grades (days)
x2 Leisurely 2x Moderate 3x Challenging

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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Sept to June (inc) - join a "Day Walking Tour" here

  • Every Tuesday, September to June (inclusive)
  • Discounted prices - from €60 per person per day (minimum 2 persons) - 1 person rate is €95
  • To reserve use or contact page, email javier @ spanishhighs.co.uk or call +34 680311303.
  • Meet Restaurante la Raza, Avda. isabel la Catolica 2. It is located at Plaza de España (a tourist site most visited and easy to find).

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Dates not suit? Of course, you can walk here any day you choose! Contact us and view our prices.


Exploring the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park would have been impossible without the efforts of Javier, our guide and host. Rigorous treks through the mountainous terrain, lunch by a natural reservoir of clear water, swimming in a quiet pool that overlooked the orchards planted for miles across the sunny mountainsides, these experiences were orchestrated in a relaxing and unhurried manner by Javier to provide a weekend of steeped in the beauty of the Sierra and the culture of its inhabitants (Maura Thornton. USA)

I would recommend booking a trip with Javiers company to anyone who loves the outdoors and hiking, and anyone who would like to really learn about Spain. Sangria and tapas are great, but true Spanish culture is hidden away in the mountainous countryside. Javier helped us find it (Robert Harms, USA)


We generally have a choice between the following types of accommodation

  • Hotels and hostels in small country villages
  • Mountain refuge - we can stay at the superbly located. Website at Sierra Mountain Refuge
  • Wild Camping is also possible

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Day by Day Itinerary

Please click on each day to reveal itinerary, Description, Route Maps & Elevation Profiles


Time: 3 hours
Distance: 7 km

We then go deep right into mediterranean forest traversing plentiful vegetable gardens all along the stream la Morera. Scenery is made of Holm Oaks, some of them with more than five hundred years old, Cork Oaks, and many fruit trees.

We will ascend through a forest track, becoming a humid and lush path, around Iberian pigs, sheep, goats , donkeys that appear and disappear joyfully until we reach the highest point in our trekking, Puerto de los Ciegos, near 1.000 m altitude. Throughout the way we encounter water sources. Panoramic views are astonishing from any point we are and very rich in biodiversity , we can highlight among other things centenary Oaks and Chestnuts trees.


Time: 3 hours
Distance: 7 km

We start our trekking at sierra village Arroyomolinos de Leon, 600 m altitude. Once we reach the local picnic area we take a semi hidden path on the right hand side, it was the old route to go from Andalucia to Extremadura provinces. Yesteryear long donkey queues were formed loaded with olives on their way to the mill for making olive oil (almazara).

We go across a cultivated land (olive grove), and soon we restart the ascent surrounded by typical mediterranean vegetation (rockrose, thyme, rosemary). Arriving to Era de Garrido (over 900m altitude) views are spectacular, to the North, Badajoz province, the big unknown treasure, glimpsing in the distance village Calera de Leon, famous for its national historic monuments Monastery of Tentudia and Colegiata. A bit further we arrive to a viewpoint where we enjoy 360 degrees scenery of Sierra Morena range.


Time: 5 hours
Distance: 12 km

Once we leave the village behind us we start going up through a lush path towards Sierra de las Buitreras (1.021m) where typical Sierra landscape (mediterranean forest) and Dehesa (holm oak, cork oak, amd clearing forest for cultivation), is mixed with millennial chestnust cultivation land.

Leyend goes that Santiago Apostle was passing through this sierra on horse back riding and when he reached this area his horse stepped on a rock of big dimension, and right from that moment water comes out constantly (la Pisa del Caballo). We will continue walking up surrounded by grapevines, fig trees and family livestock ranchs until highest point from our walk. (over 1.000m altitude)


Time: 6 hours
Distance: 18 km

This route goes north towards Fuentes de Cantos, a town out of the Sierra that has always been in close contact with Cabeza la Vaca, trading wood for wheat. Our walk will go across Ardila river and we will be able to enjoy water ecosystem in the middle of big Dehesas. Half way we turn right and we rejoin another path to Calera de Leon. No big altitude but beautiful scenery.


Time: 8 hours
Distance: 20 km

We leave early morning Calera de Leon, famous for its Colegiata monument and traditional pastries, heading up south looking for the andalucian border, and following Los Lomitos old way we ascend to Tentudia Monastery (1.104m) after 10 km of tough walking.

Legend says that during battle between moors and cristians, the latter expelled the moor army at dusk asking the Virgin to stop daylight from getting dark (deten tu dia means stop the day). On our way down towards Arroyomolinos de Leon,we will follow the contraband route used during Dictatorship to transport wheat undeclared to spanish government. Natural richness again uncountable, highlighting Oak forest and bird watching (eagle and vulture).


Time: 7 hours
Distance: 10 km

Although it is not Everest, it is quite popular to do the four 1000 m summits. There is a lot of going up and down and the route is very changing and dynamic. We will stop at several water sources, a lot of thingS to learn from small family vegetable gardens (huertas) always close to water fountains. In this route we will try to go across private land walking across forest without a following a track


Time. 8 hours
Distance: 20km

We leave early morning from Calera de Leon, famous for its Colegiata monument and traditional pastries, heading south looking for the andalucian border. We follow the old route of Los Lomitos as we ascend to Tentudia Monastery (1.104m). 10 km of tough walking. Legends abound here of battles between moors and cristians. On our way down towards Arroyomolinos de Leon, we will follow the contraband route used during teh dictatorship to transport undeclared wheat to the spanish government. Lots of natural surroundings and richness in this walk, highlighted by Oak forest and bird watching (eagles and vultures).

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