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Sierra Morena
Sierra Mountain Refuge in the Sierra Morena
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Walking in the SIerra Morena
Walking the Sierra Morena
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Views over the lake, Sierra Morena
Views over the lake

Guided Walking & Hiking Tours, GR-48 path near Sevilla, Spain

Close to Sevilla, the GR48 makes for superb guided walking and hiking tours through unknown regions of southern Spain

Dates- September to June

Prices - from €45 per person per day

Accommodation - local hostels or mountain retreats - from €25 per person per night

A 1, 3 to 7 day trip all year round to test yourself on the GR-48 Sierra Morena Path, the longest path in south Spain (590 km) located within the Sierra de Aracena Natural Park, one of the most untouched areas in Spain. It is a tough crossing to walk, cycle or use pack mules to accompany us and carry our baggage. A challenging adventure for everybody crossing one the longest green corridors in Europe.

Walking grades (days)
4x Challenging

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Sierra Morena - The Area

Just under an hour from Sevilla lies some enjoyable walking and hiking terrain.

  • The geology of the area comprises rocks such as limestone, greywacke, quartzite, gneiss and granite.
  • Vegetable gardens are well located by some river banks and springs.
  • Impressive gallery forest locates by the Montemayor River between Canaveral de Leon and Arroyomolinos de Leon towns.
  • Big wild mammals such Deer and Wild Boars are easily spotted in the sleepest highlands areas. Otters are regular visitors in the pristine and permanent waters of Murtiga River and Montemayor River.
  • And as for birds, a large range of birds of prey can be spotted along the GR-48 route through Huelva province. Griffon and Black Vultures, Common Buzzards and Common Kestrel can be watched flying over our heads all year around.
  • As Biosphere Reserve Sierra de Aracena Natural Park and hence the GR-48 Path arranges different traditional routes of the greatest importance and significance in the past. A common feature along almost every track and path of the route are the dry stone walls which gives character to the trail.
  • In areas on the border between Portugal and Spain, the path matches former tracks traditionally used for smuggling known as "caminos contrabandistas".
  • Former water mills are other interesting ethnological reference along the path.
  • A range of fortresses and castles can be seen along some sections of the route.

Highlights & Suitability

Suitability: for walking, hiking, cycling, donkey/horse back riding
Highlights: Mediterranean forest, pasture land, highlands, wildlife watching, mining sites, water springs


  • Walking with pack donkey - €75 per the group per day
  • Mountain Biking with our guide - from €45 per person per day
  • Accommodation per night in local hostels or mountain retreats - €25 per person per night
  • Discounts for groups or families.
  • Dates: we run year round any dates. No minimum numbers required.

Day by Day Itinerary

Please click on each day to reveal itinerary, Description, Route Maps & Elevation Profiles


  • Option 1 day trip: Hinojales - Arroyomolinos de Leon (21 km.)
  • Option 3 day trip: Hinojales - Arroyomolinos de Leon - Cala (35 km)
  • Option 7 day trip: Barrancos - Cumbres Mayores - Hinojales - Arroyomolinos de Leon - Santa Olalla de Cala (110 km)

A great adventure for families, choose between 3 to 7 day tours around our Refugio Bonales mountain retrait with "Federika", our lovely donkey.

The GR-48 "Sierra Morena" Path Huelva section covers some 120 km through the province of Huelva in Andalucia. Although the route starts off at Barrancos, a small village in Portugal.


Refugio Bonales Mountain retreat - Cuerno Castle del Cuerno - Canaveral de Leon - Cala

If you love animals, and specially donkeys, challenge you and your family members to go on your own with a donkey.

There are several lodging options:

  • B&B (hostal) where your donkey will be taken care of when you arrive and ready for next morning
  • with or without catering
  • fully independent with a tent and/or bivouac
  • with or without guide

"The donkey is like a 5 year old child, you have to be firm and flexible at the same time". Mule backpacks- should weight equally and no more than 40 kilos together

Sierra Morena, Seville Photo Gallery