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Views from the Cumbres Verdes
Views from the Cumbres Verdes
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Walking on Trevenque
Walking on Trevenque
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Walking the Cumbres Verdes
Walking the Cumbres Verdes

Walking in the Cumbres Verdes mountains near Granada

"The Cumbres Verdes mountains give superb walking and hiking close to Granada

Dates- September to June

Prices - from €45 per person per day

Accommodation - hotels from €30 per person per night (sharing)

The Cumbres Verdes (Green Peaks) are well known to the local spanish Granadinos as they are very close to the Granada ring road (20 mins), so access is easy. In spite of this the walking is quiet and unspoilt and has a certain attraction missing in the higher and wilder Sierra Nevada. Lush green valleys fight with arid badlands for possesion of the land and this gives varied and interesting scenery and views.

Walking grades (days)
3x Moderate 1x Challenging

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Day Hiking Tours in the Cumbres Verdes

  • The Peak of Trevenque
  • Las Arenales and the Dilar Valley
  • The Cerro Huenes Group
  • Remote Ridges of Los Alayos de Dilar

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Pick up/drop off in Granada (Alhambra area) or Lanjaron, Alpujarras

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The Peak of Trevenque

This well known summit is one of the most spectacular and dramatic in the Sierra Nevada. The mountain is steep on all sides but there are numerous ways up to it's majestic summit of 2079m.

We ascend the peak from Collado Sevilla and the arid badlands in the valley of Las Arenales. Then it's a steep climb up to the summit by-passing incredible pinnacles and rock formations. It is steep but on a simple path where the hands are not really required. The summit is on a steep sided pinnacle with views in all directions as the mountain is isolated. A return is made initially the same way and then by using an undulating ridge with views to the Cerro Huenes group.

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Las Arenales and the Dilar Valley

A contasting and constantly interesting hike through very varied scenery

From Collado Sevilla we take a rough trail through arid badlands into the Barranco de Buho and hence to Las Arenales dry river valley. We turn right through a small pass and the walk contrasts instantly. Gone are the dry badlands and we enter the green and lush Dilar valley.

Dropping through pine forests we encounter the delightful Cortijo Rosales with it's super views. A great place for lunch! Then further down through the forest before linking with a path contouring round a dramatic gorge high above the Dilar Valley. This leads back to the start point.

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Las Arenales and the Dilar Valley map


The Cerro Huenes Group

This lovely group of mountains lies in the north of the area and a great day walk of some 5 hours can link all the major summits, including, Pico de Carne (1809m), Cerro Gordo (1889m) and Cerro Huenes (1802m).

Return is made via Fuente Fria and forest and mountain side tracks back to the start point of the bridge at Siete Ojos. All this of course has the wonderful Sierra Nevada as a backdrop.

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Remote Ridges of Los Alayos de Dilar

This remote ridge can be accessed from the Dilar valley or indeed Collado Sevilla. Both give exhilerating access to this amazing ridge. The ridge itself can be followed in its entirity by those with a head for heights and loads of surplus energy. Otherwise there is a good path just below the actual ridge crest.

The ridge has many summit but the best is the Corazon de la Sandia ("Heart of the Watermelon"). This peak is 1877m high and gives a sharp exposed scramble to reach its rocky top. This whole area has thick green forest on one side of the ridge crest and arid badlands on the other. This makes for an interesting day out!

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Cumbres Verdes Trevenque video

Cumbre Verdes Walking Reports

Climbing the peak of Trevenque in the Cumbres Verdes, Granada

Trevenque is located approximately 11 kms to the west north-west of Veleta and at 2,083m, it is significantly lower. It is however higher than the peaks which surround it and is an impressive looking lump of rock when approached from the west...

The hidden gems of Trevenque in the Cumbres Verdes mountains, Granada

This article will make reference to our sketch map of the area below. We will try to suggest improvements to the normal routes taken on this peak. By short diversions, a better and more wonderful mountain day will be experienced...