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Sierra Nevada trekking holidays & tours, climbing Mulhacen, Los Tres Miles ridge traverse, Tres Picos challenge.

The high Sierra Nevada provide wonderful opportunities for mountain trekking of the highest quality. The traverse of the main ridge takes 5 days and covers all the major peaks. Mulhacen, highest in Spain is always a challenge. In addition we have many fine day and multi day tours in the range, especially in the northern Sierras.

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Popular "classic" treks

Quiet & remote mountain trekking


Day or multi-day week long treks in the mountains

Walking Holidays Sierra Nevada

Climb Mulhacen

Ascend the peak of Mulhacen, the highest peak in western europe outside the Alps
Grade: Challenging Duration: 1 or 2 days
Year round ascents

We offer year round ascents in both winter and summer condition on demand. Also available are winter ascents on skis or snowshoes (when conditions permit) or summer night ascents to see the sunrise.

We climb Mulhacen in either a 2 day ascent staying in the Poqueira Hut or a 1 day (summer only ascent). We also ski it, snowshoe it, scramble it or even climb it at night! We offer the following guided climbs throughout the year

  • Summer ascents - Between July and September, scheduled day ascents every Tuesday and Thursday (using National Park bus)
  • Spring, Autumn and Winter ascents - simple mountaineering - 2 day (overnight Refugio Poqueira)
  • Ski Tours for backcountry skiers - 1 or 2 day, snow dependent
  • Night ascents in summer to catch the sunrise - 2 day (bivouac on summit)

Climb Mulhacen!

Sierra Nevada summer day tours

"Los Tres Miles" 3000m peak ridges

4 or 5 day wild camping trek that covers all the main 3000m summits of the range
Grade: Very Tough Duration: 4 or 5 days
mid-May through to mid-November

The classic multi day trek of the Sierra Nevada that covers all the major 3000m peaks in the range. We start from a high trailhead in the north. The trek is usually doable from mid-May until mid-November but this does depend on late or early season snowfall. The trek will take between 4 and 5 days in high summer with some delectable overnight camping places by mountain streams or lakes.

Transport support is provided to ensure we are able to traverse the main sections of the range. The walking is quiet and unspoilt but a certain amount of resilience is required as it is remote and rough.

This tour is quite strenuous and should be undertaken by strong hill walkers. Accommodation is either in secluded lakeside campsites in the mountains or in unguarded mountain huts.

Trek "Tres Miles"

Walking Holidays Sierra Nevada

"Los Tres Picos"

The 3 Highest Peaks in 3 days (guarded refuge or wild camping)
Grade: Tough Duration: 3 days
mid-May through to mid-November

Get your trekking boots ready... we are off to conquer 3 of Spain's highest peaks in one long weekend! A great challenge especially for Fund Raising Charities! This is a tough challenge but the view across Spain's mainland from its highest peaks will reward your efforts.

This Spanish 3 peak challenge consists of summiting Alcazaba (3371m), Veleta (3394m) and finally mainland Spain's highest - Mulhacen (3482m). The mountain range is the second highest in Europe after the Alps and includes 15 peaks higher than 3,000m.

Beware though, this is a toughie! The effects of altitude will be felt and the peak of Alcazaba is remote. We have many options available including staying in guarded refuges or wild camping so that you can "tailor" your challenge to fit.

The "Tres Picos" Challenge

Sierra Nevada summer day tours

Mountain Ascents

Climb the peaks of the Sierra Nevada
Grade: Tough Duration: 1 or 2 days
Year round

The more remote 3000m+ peaks away from easy access can be ascended by either 1 or 2 day trips. Overnight we can stay in guarded, unguarded refuges or wild camp by lakes and rivers. You may combine trips into a weeks walking. Some suggestions:

  • Tajos de la Virgen traverse including Pico de Cartujo
  • Alcazaba (3371 m) from Trevelez
  • Puntal de la Caldera (3225 m)
  • Cerrillo Redondo (2909 m) & Tajos de los Machos (3085m) from Puente Palo
  • Cerro de Caballo (3009 m) from near Lanjaron

Seasonal note: In winter conditions ice axe and crampons and the ability to use them will be essential

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Summer Sunsets & Sunrises

Summer trek sleeping on top of Mulhacen &/or Alcazaba
Grade: Challenging Duration: 2 or 3 days
1st June through to 31st October

Join us on top of Mulhacen and Alcazaba this summer for a 2 night trek enjoying the wonderful sunsets, sunrises and stars over the Sierra Nevada

Unique and Spectacular! Available July, August and September. Escape the heat with 2 nights sleeping out on the summits of two of the highest and best mountains in Spain. "An unbelievable and unforgettable experience".

Summer bivouacs

Sierra Nevada summer day tours

Trek the remote North

Grade: Tough Duration: 3 days
mid-May through to mid-November

Escape the crowds and trek the Sierra Nevada remote northern 3000m mountains in a 3 day hikes.

The northern Sierra Nevada provide year round high, wild and remote trekking. These 3 day treks make use of unmanned refuges with optional wild camps.

For those who like remote, quiet, dramatic mountain scenery, rough tracks and are willing to put up with basic shelter and facilities for a few nights.

Remote North

Walking Holidays Sierra Nevada

Crossing the Sierra Nevada

Multi day adventures, climbing mountains & wild camping whilst crossing the range
Grade: Challenging/Tough Duration: 2 or 3 days
1st June through to 31st October

The mountains lend themselves to 2 or 3 day mountain trekking. There are high start points available that give access to magnificent mountain scenery, in the highest mountain range outside the alps in western europe. For those with limited time available in Spain, these crossings of the range allow you to experience the mountains at their best. We run these multi day treks on demand throughout the year, conditions permitting.

We have tried and tested some of the best traverses around. The following are offered:

  • Ski Centre, Elorietta, Tajos los Machos to Puente Palo (2 day)
  • Ski Centre, Cartujo, Caballo to Lanjaron (2 day)
  • Ski Centre, Cerro los Machos to Capileira (2 day)
  • Ventura Trailhead, Caballo, Cartujo to Ski Centre (2 day)
  • Alcazaba and Puntal de Vacares (3 day)

Cross the Mountains!

Sierra Nevada summer day tours

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