Rock Climbing at Orgiva in the Alpujarras

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Details about rock climbing available at Orgiva (El Castillejo) in the Alpujarras, Andalucia

This small rock guide has been produced to help and assist visiting climbers find the crags and routes in this relatively unknown (to the English!) area of Andalucia, and as such, no responsibility or liability for its accuracy or any omissions is accepted.


Head south from Orgiva, over the bridge, turn right and go through the tunnel towards Motril. Follow the road for about 1km until a turning on the left heads into the gorge. It is possible to park here or take your car up a rough track throughn the gorge where there is some limited parking. Routes are all bolted and marked.

Routes and Grades

Crag 1

  1. Clasica (4+/5)
  2. Trepa Copas (4)
  3. ?
  4. Pocho y Gonso (6b+)
  5. Projecto

Crag 2

  1. Que Mala el la Envidia (6a+)
  2. Llanos pa Gigantes (6b)

Crag 3

  1. Los Sobrinos (4)
  2. Chupi (5+)
  3. Robachapas (6a+)
  4. Los Motrilenos (7b+)
  5. Christian y Familia (7a+)

Crag 6

  1. Facil (3)
  2. Dificil (4)
  3. ? (4+)
  4. ? (5+)
  5. Los Guiris (4)

Crag 9 Right

  1. El Cazo Volador (6a+)
  2. El Aulaguerio (5+)

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