Rock Climbing at Capileira in the Alpujarras

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Details about rock climbing available at Capileira (Tajos de Aldeide) in the Alpujarras, Andalucia

This small rock guide has been produced to help and assist visiting climbers find the crags and routes in this relatively unknown (to the English!) area of Andalucia, and as such, no responsibility or liability for its accuracy or any omissions is accepted.


Just 10 mins walk out of town in a NW direction on the main track into the Poqueira Gorge. Just after leaving town and the Mirador take a branch path right towards the crag which can be seen 300 metres ahead. The rock is volcanic and sound. Many routes exist that have no names yet.

Routes and Grades

  1. Travellers (4)
  2. I Am Podrio (5)
  3. Moon of August (6a)
  4. The Chorrilla (6a)
  5. The Technillos (5)
  6. The Gutter (4+)
  7. Straw of Haba (5)
  8. Rose (4)
  9. Acrobat (6a)
  10. Part Coconuts (5+)
  11. Continuous Tension (6a+)
  12. Night Of Insomnia (6b)
  13. Gaston Jorobat (5)
  14. The Prairie (5)
  15. Bitter Lemon (6a)
  16. ?
  17. Queimada (5)
  18. The Ivy (4)
  19. First (4)
  20. The Bird (5)
  21. The Nest (4)

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