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Guided Icecap Expeditions and Trekking Holidays, Los Glaciares National Park

Guided trekking and icecap expeditions in the wild and spectacular Los Glaciares National Park of Patagonia

We have being visiting the glaciers and icefields of Patagonia's magnificent Los Glacieres National Park region since 2006. The area not only offers superb trekking, but the experience of a lifetime on the great Southern Patagonian Icecap. Not be missed!

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Our expedition and trekking itineraries run between October and April each year.

NEXT TRIP! Patagonian Icecap November 2016 & Ascent of Cerro Mariano Moreno

Details of our proposed expedition in November 2016 to the Patagonian Icecap to climb the remote peak of Cerro Mariano Moreno (3462m). It is the third highest peak in Patagonia and is rarely climbed. It is the highest summit in the Cordon Mariano Moreno massif, in the centre of the icecap and is accessible only by lengthy trekking over the many glaciers.

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Patagonia Icefield Expeditions

patagonia icefield icecap expeditions

Unique chance to experience the incredible and unique Southern Patagonian Icecap!

Objective is a traverse of the icecap surrounding the Fitzroy and Cerro Torre ranges taking in as much of the icecap as we can. We get onto the icecap at Paso Marconi via Rio Electrico valley, visit the magnificent and dramatic Circo de los Altares and return via Paso del Viento and the Rio Tunel valley to El Chalten.

Wild and remote glacier trekking in one of the world's last unspoilt wilderness areas

Very Tough Itinerary and Info

The Huemul Circuit

huemul circuit el chalten trek

Off the beaten path and conceived as a short and less technical trek to the Southern Ice Field Expedition, this circuit is becoming a classic in the area. It offers fantastic views of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and the Southern Ice Field from Paso del Viento. The way goes along wild rivers, beech forests, glaciers, and lakes. Condors fly overhead.

Outstanding views of the Lake Viedma and the Viedma Glacier make this circuit one of the most recommendable and enjoyable treks of the northern area of Los Glaciares National Park. A tyrolean rope over the Tunel River (depending on the size of the river it can be forded), a short glacier crossing on the Tunel Glacier and occasional snow patches are the only technical obstacles.

Challenging Itinerary and Info

Ascent of Gorra Blanca

gorra blanca climb patagonia

Your chance to climb a magnificent Patagonian mountain! Gorra Blanca 2907m is one of the most beautiful and complete mountain expeditions in the area.

You can either choose this five-day programme or combine it with our classic tour around the Southern Icecap. It is a glacier itinerary and non technical, although the guide will need to use both axes up the final snow mushroom to secure the route to the summit.

Gorra Blanca is just north of Paso Marconi in the Southern Ice Field so the views are spectacular. To the south we see all the northern side of the Fitz Roy Massif and the impressive hidden and rarely seen peak of Cerro Piergiorgio.

Very Tough Itinerary and Info

2 weeks Trekking and Expedition

icecap exedition trekking el chalten patagonia

Join us on a 2 week Trek and Expedition in El Chalten, including Southern Patagonian Icecap, guided multi day treks, transfers and accommodation

In addition to running the Southern Patagonian Icecap Expedition the two weeks will also include multi day treks around the El Chalten area. We organise the airport transfers and the accommodation in El Chalten for you. Enjoy the best Expedition Trekking in the world!

Very Tough Itinerary and Info