Outdoor and Landscape Photography Courses in Spain's Sierra Nevada

Outdoor and Landscape Photography Courses in Spain's Sierra Nevada

Learn how to shoot great Landscape and Outdoor photos in Spain's Sierra Nevada mountains

Spanish Highs Mountain Guides have teamed up with award winning professional photographer, Chiz Dakin, to bring you a selection of outdoor and landscape photography courses and workshops, that will bring out the photographer in you.

Why the Sierra Nevada?

In a word...... variety. From the high Sierra Nevada mountains to the rolling hills and lower regions of the Alpujarras. From the baking hot sub-tropical summers to the arctic-like tundra of the winter mountains. Accompany that with whitewashed sleepy villages and the colourful and friendy people, you are not lost for subjects with which to learn, practice and develop your skills as a photographer.

Chiz Dakin

Chiz Dakin Outdoor PhotographerChiz Dakin is an award-winning professional photographer and guidebook writer, who specialises in landscape, outdoors adventure and travel photography

Website; www.peakimages.co.uk

Landscape Photography Techniques

The courses are designed for people who have had some photographic experience but wish to learn more about photography. Either compact or SLR cameras may be used, but the latter is recommended. In particular cameras that have the ability to:

(1) change the exposure (exposure compensation),
(2) have M (manual), Av (aperture priority) and Tv (shutter priority) options and
(3) are able to provide an intentionally blurred out background (shallow depth of field) will give the most benefit on this course.

These are almost invariably SLR cameras, but many of the techniques can be learned on good compact cameras. We cover the basics at our base in Lanjaron then head out on location in the Sierra Nevada to put what we have learnt into practice. The aim is to teach you how to improve your handling of the camera and how to take better images by applying the rules of photography.

In addition you will be given an aide memoire to help you in the weeks and months ahead. The courses include; Individual tuition by your guide on photographic topics. Guided walks to the best locations in the area. Comprehensive course notes provided for each student. Transportation during the course.

Course Contents: Basic Landscape Photography techniques concentrating particularly on giving you the tools and skills to move away from the fully Automatic settings that many photographers get stuck on. (And in the process giving you a sound understanding of essential photographic techniques). We will cover how the camera sees the world differently to the human eye - and some of the differences that have to be allowed for, composition, framing, rule of thirds, positioning the subject, perspective, selective focusing, exposure metering, filters, controlling depth of field, scale and using the correct lens for effect.

The course can be flexible to cover individual requirements, additional options that could be covered include HDR techniques, advanced exposure topics including getting the best fit-exposure for the situation (a simplified Zone system), and shooting panoramas.

Practice: Set tasks involving all the above as confirmation. Guided walks to stunning locations in the mountains and hills of the Sierra Nevada Alpujarras.

Prices and Dates

130 euros per person per day (minimum stay 4 nights). Additional days 80 euros per day.

Price includes: Airport transfers (Granada, Malaga, Almeria), photography course as described, choice of accommodation, local transport and backup vehicles, experienced professsional guides.

Choice of accommodation: Apartment in Lanjaron or 2 star hotel in Lanjaron, with en suite facilities, TV etc

From September to June, inclusive.