Mountain Meals Dehydrated Food Produced in Alpujarras

Mountain Meals & Dehydrated Food Produced in Alpujarras

"Mountain Meals and Munchies" - Food for the mountains produced by mountaineers

No nonsense, no fancy packaging, just good, wholesome mountain food!

We have a range of mountain meals that are available for your next venture or trip with us. The inspiration has been a breakthrough into the world of food dehydrating and partial cooking methods. We have discoved that it is possible to actually look forward to your evening meal instead of chewing cardboard!

We can supply two types of produce

Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Meals - for the more traditional of you!

Commercially purchased freeze dried meals that are available for your next venture or trip with us.

Main evening meal (freeze dried) €9
Breakfasts (porridge) €2
Puddings (freeze dried) €5
Soups (powdered) €2
Flapjacks €2

If you have any special requirements for your next trip or expedition please let us know well in advance and we shall try to accommodate.

Gourmet Partially Dehydrated Raw Food

cruda (7K)

"Raw" - a method of cooking food at the lowest temperature without destroying food nutrients. Supplied fresh by Pamela Lippman of Cruda

Gourmet raw food which it is dehydrated at the lowest temperature so as not to kill any nutrients. This means that it retains optimal vitamins and minerals. It doesn't need warming nor rehydrating it is ready to eat.

raw foodThe food provided was quite something. I have never experienced so much energy in so little food. It's taste was delicious, great variety, very lightweight - incredible experience.

It is so rich in flavours, taste and nutrition that I recommend to eat it and leave 20 mins or so before strenuous walking - my stomach had quite a time dealing with all the nutrients. I write this with a big smile on my face. Go Pam Go! The world needs to eat this.

Robert Kuhfus, 5 day trek October 2013

We have been blown away by this idea! High concentrated, nutritious, energy giving food, partially dehydrated and prepared so you can eat straight from the bag! Saves weight of stove,and fuel.

Never thought I'd say this but this raw food idea really does work. Lightweight and filling!
Richard Hartley, Expedition leader, Spanish Highs
mountain dehydrated food meals
  • Optimally balanced nutritious food
  • Lightweight concentrated energy
  • Prepared in advance using only fresh products
  • Organic and locally sourced
  • Dairy free, sugar free (only natural sugars), Gluten free
  • Prepared fresh, made to order (1 week notice required)
  • No cooking! Save the weight of gas, fuel and stove!
  • Ready to go

Save weight on your flight to Spain! Order 1 week before your journey commences and you can pick up your food here in Lanjaron on arrival.

All Day Sample Menu €18
Snacks - Trail Mix and Fruit leathers
Breakfast - Granola Bar or Banana/Sultana Rounds
Lunch - Oriental Explosion with falafel balls, salad, salsa in a wrap or Italian Roll
Evening Meal - Curry/Bulgar Wheat or Chilli/Cous Cous or Bolognaise/Pasta
Trail Mix - seeds n nuts, soaked n sprouted - a big favourite!
Fruit Leathers - made from seasonal fruits
Oriental Explosion - tasty chinese bites with salsa, vegetables
Banana and Sultana Rounds - energy just when you need it!
Granola Bars or Granola breakfast muesli - to set you up for the day ahead
Spicy falafel balls with salsa - a taste of Morocco!
Multi use Wraps - of courgette or almond
Italian Roll
Rusticos Savoury crackers - of sun dried tomatoes or onions
Marinaded Seasonal Vegis - perfect on their own or with Falafel, in a wrap with salsa or Oriental explosions
Salsas - €1.50 a bag
Fresh salad and micro greens - €2 a bag