Local guides using local people with local knowledge
Local guides using local people with local knowledge
Experience you can trust!
Experience you can trust!
Clients on the top of Mulhacen
Clients on the top of Mulhacen

Spanish Highs, Sierra Nevada Mountain Guides

Spanish Highs Mountain Guides providing year round experienced mountain guiding in the Sierra Nevada, Spain and Patagonia

About us

UK mountain guiding agency, vastly experienced in all things Sierra Nevada!

We are the most experienced, active and knowledgeable mix of foreign and spanish mountain guides operating in the Sierra Nevada. We also run regular expeditions to Patagonia and the Andes. Fully insured and licensed for both guiding activities and for operating as a travel agency.

Local guides using local people with local knowledge. Experience you can trust!

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic and just great fun to be with

My 4th trip with Spanish Highs. Mulhacen, winter skills training, Patagonia ice cap, so my endorsement is both well founded and based on a range of experiences. The reason why I keep coming back? They are just in a league in their own. Consistently knowledgeable, enthusiastic and just great fun to be with.

The company:

Since 2002 we have set ourselves incredibly high standards. Not just in mountain competence, but in the ability to communicate, interpret and inform. It is also most important for our clients to have fun!

Recommend Spanish Highs for guided hikes

We went to Las Alpujarras for a week of hiking with Spanish Highs. They did a great job for us. There were several guides throughout the week, and they were superb. A good guide can make all the difference on these walks. I'd happily recommend Spanish Highs for guided hikes.

Our guides have to

  • Provide experienced, professional mountain guiding and leadership at all times
  • Be enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable and committed to the mountains and environment in which they work
  • Work closely with local people in their spare time in refuge restoration and conservation work.
  • Be fully insured, licensed and registered. Operating since 1992

We insist that our guides have to be the best! The hundreds of comments from previous clients are testament to a way of working that is uniquely “Spanish Highs”.


I can recommended Spanish Highs. They have vast knowledge of hiking, the mountains, surroundings, animal life, medically trained and are well equipped so you feel safe no matter the weather conditions present

The Spanish Highs Team

Year-round Mountain Guiding with local guides, local people & local knowledge. Experience you can trust!


Felipe, UIMLA


Jens, TD1 Guide




Victoria, UIMLA


Jose, Guide


Matt, Trail Running Guide


Kiersten, Nature Guide


Richard, Expedition Leader


Emma, Marketing Director


I had never taken a guided walk before so I didn’t really know what to expect, nor if I’d enjoy spending hours each day in the company of complete strangers. How would they deal with a fairly taciturn client who was quite happy walking several miles in complete silence? Richard’s company is first class and I need not have worried. He has a well chosen roster of seasoned professionals who, aside from being excellent guides to the stunning area, are extremely personable, friendly and totally sensitive to the client’s walking styles. I was fortunate to be accompanied by four different guides over the course of a week. All had warm, interesting personalities and were completely different but each an absolute pleasure to spend a day with in the mountains. The walking can be as hard or as soft as you like. They instinctively know how to gently push you beyond your usual limits and the walking was invariably stunning and varied. These people love this area and it was an honour to share their knowledge of, and their passion for the mountains - book with confidence, you’ll be well looked after. Highly recommended.

Richard Hartley - Kamchatka 2013

A note about our Founder

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