Firepot Mountain Meals & Dehydrated Food in Spain

We sell the amazing range of "Firepot" dehydrated, light and nutritive Mountain Food throughout Spain

Our Dehydrated Foods are exactly what you need to eat well in nature!

Meals for Mountaineers and the High Mountains! Firepot put twice as much meat in their recipes as the market leaders, while remaining competitive in terms of weight and calories. We know where the ingredients are sourced, with a menu that includes vegetarian and gluten-free meals.

Hand made using only Natural Ingredients

Ingredients Chilli con carne
Spicy Pork meal review

Firepot Spicy Pork Noodles Review

I had already tried the Posh Pork and Beans and really enjoyed it as a breakfast meal so I was looking forward to the Pork Noodles.

I had walked up from Aviemore to the Wells of Dee on Braeriach and set up my overnight camp. It had been a tough day and I was REALLY hungry! The rehydration time is fifteen minutes but it was worth waiting. The noodles were lovely and soft and the pork mince and spicy sauce had a bit of a kick but not too much. I'm glad I bought the extra large portion as I don't think the smaller one would have been enough.

There are plenty of other brands on the market but for taste, energy and value for money, the Firepot meals take some beating.

Ian Tupman, September 2020

"I have tried their mountain meals here in the Sierra Nevada. They are very lightweight and taste great!"

Felipe Nieto - UIMLA, Spanish Highs Guide, Sierra Nevada


"I can genuinely say this was the tastiest dehydrated meal I've ever had. Great flavour, great consistency and easy to make."

Levison Wood - Explorer

Easy and Rapid Preparation

It's very simple to prepare a Firepot meal, just add boiling water!

campamiento fireport comidas

How to prepare a Firepot Meal

1. Tear open the pouch and remove the oxygen absorber sachet.

2. Pour in boiling water up to the level indicated on the packet.

3. Stir and the seal the pouch using the zip-lock strip.

4. Let sit for 15 minutes. Stir again and eat from the pouch, or tip into a bowl.


The Order Process

  1. Use the link to order what meals you wish to buy
  2. We confirm your order and price by return
  3. You pay for your meals (credit card, bank transfer, paypal)
  4. We deliver first class via spanish post

N.B We provide a "Collect" service here in Lanjaron, Alpujarras. Saves postage and useful if you are already visiting the Sierra Nevada

Order Meals Or, buy direct from our spanish shop "Comidas de Montañas"

Characteristics of all Products

Chili con Carne

Chilli con Carne and Rice

Slow-cooked British beef with fruity ancho and smoky chipotle chillies, red peppers and kidney beans in a warmly-spiced tomato sauce. With long grain rice.

Chile Vegetariano

Chilli Non Carne and Rice

Healthy soya slow-cooked with smoky chillies and kidney beans. Served with long grain rice.

Dal con arroz y espinacas

Dal and Rice with Spinach

Five kinds of lentils, simmered with onion, garlic, cumin and chilli. Combined with basmati rice, spinach and garam masala, finished with chopped coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Estofado de ternera con cebada perlada

Beef Stew with Pearl Barley

Slow-cooked British beef with potatoes, celeriac and carrot. Served with soft pearl barley.

Frijoles blancos y soja en salsa de tomate

Posh Baked Beans

A filling British breakfast of soya and potato baked with three types of beans in a tomato sauce.

Noodles con cerdo picante

Spicy Pork Noodles

Tasty pork and tender broccoli in a spicy Thai-inspired sauce. Served with rice noodles.

Pasta orzo a la boloñesa

Orzo Pasta Bolognese

Slow-cooked British beef in a rich tomato sauce, combined with oregano, star anise and orzo, a rice-shaped pasta.

Pasta de soja boloñesa

Vegan Orzo Bolognese

Slow-cooked British Soya in a rich tomato sauce, combined with oregano, star anise and orzo, a rice-shaped pasta.

Cerdo de lujo con frijoles

Posh Pork and Beans

A hearty British breakfast of potato and pork baked with three types of beans in a tomato sauce.

Risotto de setas porcini

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Creamy Arborio rice with pan-fried porcini and chestnut mushrooms, cooked in mushroom stock and finished with chopped flat-leaf parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice.