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Walking the Gorges of the Alpujarras
Gorges of Las Alpujarras
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Rivers of Las Alpujarras
Walking the Water Ways
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Rivers of Las Alpujarras
Rivers of the Alpujarras

"Rivers, Gorges & Refuges" Guided Alpujarras Walking

Guided river, gorge and refuge walks in the Alpujarras with local expert in flora, fauna, wildlife, traditions and geology

Dates- September to June

Prices - from €45 per person per day

Accommodation - hotels from €30 per person per night (sharing)

Let Jose Florenza guide you and thrill you with his enthusiasm for the landscapes in which you are walking. An expert in local flora, fauna, customs and traditions and incredibly passionate about the area he lives.

Walking grades (days)
1x Leisurely 3x Moderate 1x Challenging

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Introducing your local expert - Jose Florenza

"A little story why I'm doing this. I came here in the Alpujarras for the first time in 1987 and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful region of Spain. Since then I have walked arround in the Sierra Nevada and learned a lot about this massive, rough and beautiful mountain range. I am lucky in that my hobby became my work! I get to tell all the interesting and amazing about the Sierra Nevada and especially the Alpujarras: I like the special flora and fauna, geology and history of the region. I have lots of stories from local inhabitants that help enhance one of our day walks"


  • Guiding - from €45 per person per day.
  • Hotel Accommodation - from €30 a night (€35 single room)
  • We can also help with airport transfers via Granada, Malaga or Almeria

Day by Day Itinerary

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This route starts from the village of Canar, walking the GR-7, which reaches a dam across the Rio Chico. We move up through the ravine of this river, which is a mix of repopulated pine and oak trees. We reach the forest road a short distance from the Recreation area at Puente Palo.

After a break we retrace our steps, and take the turning on the Sulayr GR240 path which runs along the edge of the Acequia del Almiar, superb views, to the Granada coast and the mountains of Lujar and Contraviesa.

At a firebreak we drop down to a watchtower with magnificent views of the high peaks of Sierra Nevada and on down to the Buddhist retreat at O Sel Ling. A special place! A return to Canar is made on good tracks.

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Canar, Barranco Rio Chico, Soportujar, O Sel Ling, Buhhist Center map


A beautiful walk the whole year through. In spring a flower coloured landscape and in winter snow decorates the mountains. The walk starts above Capileira where the dirt road ends, from there it's only beautiful views, from the sea to the Mulhacen and everything in between.

It's a one day walk but if liked we can stay one night in the refugio Poqueira and have another walk next day. The walk ends again at the Hoya del Portillo.

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Hoya del Portillo to Refugio Poqueira map


This mountain is part of the Contraviesa mountain range which is older than the Sierra Nevada (the Sierra Nevada is aproximately 75 million years old), about 300 million years old!

The route that is proposed is more than a trail: a walk in the mining history of the Sierra de Lujar. This activity has been fundamental to the economy of region since time immemorial and is special to Orgiva from 1800-1989.

For this, after walking a few meters along a forest track, we turn to the right to start a climb of about three kilometers through a path. This is the path that miners used Orgiva to upload to work at the mine daily. This first section is very demanding and will gain height in no time, enjoying the magnificent views of La Alpujarra, that we provide rest stops. Along the trail Jose will explain the mining history of the area. The vegetation around us at this point is formed by a dense thicket of rosemary, gorse thickets and thyme.

When you reach the track that will take to begin the descent, think about the lives of miners. To them they still had a long way to get to the workplace, where they should be at dawn to begin their workday.

The descent, on the track, allows us to enjoy the scenery now we walk quietly and watch it from the front, Orgiva and the highest peaks of Sierra Nevada as a backdrop. After about five kilometers from the way we arrive at the starting point.

Optional ...... one of the attractions of the Sierra Lujar is the beautiful views you have on the whole range of the Sierra Nevada and their white villages that look like spots painted on the Sierra Nevada hillsides. An option is to walk up to the top of the Sierra Lujar where a collection of all kinds of radio, television and telephone masts exist. Quite an easy walk but great having views also towards the coast.

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ruta de los mineros map


Start and end at Cebadilla outside Capileira. A rough circular walking route of a vast wild valley, surrounded by high peaks. Big open space with good views!

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rio toril capileira hiking map


A beautiful walk with spectacular views a nice climb and a big waterfall. The walk is between easy and moderate and takes some 5 to 6 hours but can be a few hours longer. The history of Pitres goes back to the Roman Empire, after that the visigoths took over, there are remains in Capilerilla of an old temple.

The Moors writings mention a square with chestnut (we will walk through an old chestnut forest) and moral where the Great Mosque is. On it would be later built the early Church . In fact Pitres church was one of the first to be built in the Alpujarra, it was before 1530.

There is a possibility to walk through the gorge rio Bermejo climbing over big rocks. At the top of the walk, after a climbing walk through a forest, we'll see the big waterfall at Tajo Cortes and a beautiful view towards the Contraviesa.

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day walk rio bermejo portugos alpujarras map

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