Geocaching in the Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada, Spain

Geocaching in the Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada, Spain

Enjoy Geocaching challenges in the Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada

The Alpujarras and Sierra Nevada are especially suited to geocaching adventures. From lazy rural towns to high mountains, there is terrain for all.

The area and how we can help

The area is well served with geocaches (see below), especially the Lecrin valley, Lanjaron and the Sierra Nevada. We can assist you with your trip, plan transport and accommodation.

We also will guide you through the whole process should you wish, including supplying you with GPS and starter pack, maps etc to introduce you to this fascinating new and novel way to have fun in the outdoors! The information below will introduce you to the idea of geocaching and show you specific location in this area of southern Spain.

Geocaching - Whats it all about?

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Geocaching uses Global Positioning Satellite receivers (GPS) to locate small hidden containers using co-ordinates given on the Internet site of Once the co-ordinates are entered into the small handheld geocaching GPS unit, an arrow points you in the right direction and counts down the distance as you approach the treasure box (cache).

This might all sound rather easy, being guided by satellite to your treasure, but once you get to the chosen spot you've then got to find the cache itself, which is always discreetly hidden. The pastime is enjoyed by children and adults alike and is a great way to explore the countryside and other places of interest that you might not otherwise have known existed.

Caches never contain anything valuable, just an assortment of interesting items. If you take something from a cache you need to replace it with something of your own. Each cache also contains a logbook so that you can record your find.

Occasionally you will find a Travel Bug. These are small figures with a coded tag that travel from cache to cache around the country and sometimes the world. When found, the cacher logs it on the web site and then goes on to place it in another cache. Its journey can then be tracked on the web site.

When you return home from your day's geocaching, you can log your find and share your experiences with the geocaching community on the web site of

What you will neeed for geocaching in Spain

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  • A small handheld GPS navigational unit
  • Programmable navigation targets (waypoints)
  • Weatherproof and shockproof
  • Integral compass and distance calculation
  • Register at
  • Search for interesting caches in your area (see below)
  • Print off the chosen cache page which gives you all the details you need including the coordinates and relevant clues
  • Transfer the coordinates into your GPS

Navigate to your cache

  • Use the arrow on your GPS receiver to lead you
  • Use the distance check to see how far you have to go
  • Geocachers have a great saying to help protect the environment where caches are hidden... "cache in, trash out!" When you are close, check your clues, Look hard and think!

Check out the contents

  • Open the box... it is clearly labelled as a geocache. Inside you may find... small tokens to take and keep, a travel bug, a disposable camera, a log book
  • Write your comments in the book
  • Take a token, but put one of your own in its place
  • Take a picture of your group
  • Take the travel bug if you are planning to visit another cache
  • Put the cache carefully back where it was

Log your find back at home

  • Log on to
  • Record the details of your find
  • Let the world know where the travel bug is!
  • Share comments, pictures, and experiences with other geocachers
  • Get ready to visit your next cache
  • The final graduation is placing your own cache for others to find, but please follow our guidelines, and the guidelines set by the GAGB, to ensure that your cache does not cause a problem to other users of the countryside

Map of Lanjaron and some local Geocaches

geocaches-lanjaron (17K)

List of local geocaches within 25km of Lanjaron