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Expedition Training Course Sierra Nevada
Expedition Training Course Sierra Nevada
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Expedition Preparation, Ropes and Crampons
Expedition Preparation, Ropes and Crampons
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Expedition Camp Set Up
Expedition Camp Set Up

Short Expedition Preparation Course in the Sierra Nevada, Spain

Spain's Sierra Nevada is a perfect preparation for Expeditions to polar regions or greater ranges

Dates- December to May

Prices - from €75 per person per day

Accommodation - hotels from €30 per person per night (sharing)

A short course (3 days/long weekend) building on our own experiences on the Patagonian Icecap to provide you with ideal preparation for your own future expeditions and adventures.

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Techniques - for those not already aquainted

  • Ice axe use and braking
  • Correct use of crampons
  • Roping up for glacier travel
  • Crevasse rescue
  • Snow belays

Further Information

Pick up/drop off in Granada (Alhambra area) or Lanjaron, Alpujarras

Trip Reports Photos Mountains, environment & safety

Traversing Snow Slope, Expedition Training

About the Expedition Preparation Course

In 2006 when we first went out to the Patagonian Icecap we had little idea really of some of the techniques required to survive for weeks in a wild and hostile environment. Over our past few expeditions there we have gained knowledge, tricks and techniques that we hope to pass onto others through this short 3 day/2 night course.

This is a practical course with 2 night out in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

The Expedition Preparation Course is an ideal "bolt on" to our successful Winter Skills Mountaineering or Alpine Introduction Courses.

How to Build a Snow Wall

Typical Course Content

3 Day 2 Night Course - topics covered:
  • Planning for an Expedition
  • Food and drink - choices and alternatives
  • Snow wall construction. A much neglected and complex subject. See The best snow wall construction to eliminate drifting on the leeward side
  • Snowholing and survival techniques
  • Putting up a tent in a blizzard - vital to practice!
  • Communications tricks and techniques with base. Rescue?
  • Transportation with Sleds and Pulks
  • Snowshoeing
  • The right mental approach!

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Ask yourself .... are you ready for this?