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14 August 2016 / Information / Video
Sierra Nevada infographic on the high peaks which includes the top ten ascents by height Sierra Nevada infographic on the high peaks which includes the top ten ascents by height. Added are “normal year” snow seasons and how to deal with altitude sickness whilst visiting the Sierra Nevada national park. Our most popular mountain activities and a few facts thrown in. Sierra Nevada High Peaks Infographic
07 November 2014 / Ski Mountaineering
Each winter we have a whole new set of Sierra Nevada Ski Tours, Courses and itineraries for you to enjoy Sierra Nevada Ski Tours With good snow sure conditions from January to May, the Sierra Nevada is one of the best areas to learn the basics of travelling through the high mountains on skis. Hard to believe it is only 2 hours from Marbella! It is backcountry skiing at its finest.
20 October 2014 / Snowshoeing
Discovering new locations to run Snowshoeing Tours in the Sierra Nevada. Sun and fun guaranteed! Just amazing that after many years of living here we are still discovering new locations to run our Snowshoeing Tours in the Sierra Nevada. Sun and fun guaranteed! About our Winter Sierra Nevada Snowshoeing Tours For winter we have some new locations, far away from anybody else including some new forests accessible only by 4WD vehicles.
22 August 2014 / Scrambling / Trip reports
The west to east traverse of the Puntal de la Caldera gives fine high altitude Sierra Nevada Scrambling opportunities Here is a route description of how to do it. N.B This route description applies to summer only. Please wear a helmet as there is plenty of loose rock! No need for a rope unless you have beginners or want to push the grades. We caught the first chairlift access from Pradollano, ski centre in the Sierra Nevada.
Report of May 2012 trek in the Sierra Nevada covering all the major peaks including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera Full and interesting report from guest writer, Yvonne Holland, who returned to the Sierra Nevada in May 2012 to do a trek from Trevélez to Lanjarón, covering all the major peaks of the Sierra Nevada between the two villages, including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera.
11 December 2011 / News
On 30 November 2011, The newspaper Ideal published an extensive article on the “Accion Sierra Nevada” initiative. We still need your support though to enable us to carry out important restoration work on the mountain refugios of the Sierra Nevada next summer. From the initiative we want to thank the interest shown by Alejandro Molina to Accion Sierra Nevada, author of the article reproduced and translated into english (as best I can!
22 September 2011 / Mulhacen / Travel / Trekking / Trip reports
Ian Tupman describes a challenging walk from the coast at Salobrena to the lofty summit of Mulhacen, highest summit in Spain. He has also supplied a great slideshow illustrating his walk. Background The Sierra Nevada as seen from the beaches of the Costa Tropical On two occasions I had driven from Salobreña on the coast to Trevélez at 1,500m in the hope of summiting Mulhacén in a one day trip.
03 September 2011 / Lanjaron / News / Travel
In the past week we have been helping to restore the Refugio de Caballo, at nearly 3000m in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Spain. It’s been very hard work, but it has allowed us to give something back to the mountains that have given us so much over the years. Magical! The refuge and lake in winter The refuge is in a superb situation below the 3009m summit of the Cerro de Caballo, above the Alpujarras town of Lanjarón, and adjacent to the lake of the same name.
07 August 2011 / Trekking / Trip reports / Video / Walking
It’s always great when your mountain adventures can be accompanied by a four legged friend. I took my husky, Khumbu on a trek into the Sierra Nevada We camped in the upper Lanjaron valley by streams and under a spectacular night sky. This was to be his first overnight trip. My lightweight summer backpack felt strangely heavy, weighed down by the additional items such as dog food, extra water and a various assortment of chains, leads, slings and karabiners, in a vain attempt to control a huskies instincts for freedom.
16 July 2011 / Travel
The unguarded Villavientos refuge is situated at 3040m on the southern slopes of Loma Pelada in the Sierra Nevada It lies between the jagged ridge of the Raspones del Rio Seco and Mulhacen. Useful as a base for mountaineering, trekking or when the Caldera hut is full. It is a small refuge shelter but sleeps 10-12 persons and is in a great condition (see photos). Owned by the former Reserva Nacional de Caza it is of brick construction with a flat roof.
04 July 2011 / Trekking / Trip reports
Kiersten Rowland describes a 2 day trek camping by high mountain lakes and enjoying some of the wildest scenery and nature that the Sierra Nevada National Park has to offer Bivouac site at Siete Lagunas Our plan was to be in the mountains for 3 days and walk from the rangers station at Hoya de Portillo above Capileira to Jerez de Marsquesado, a crossing of an area of the Sierra Nevada that Jane and I had not been to before.
There’s good mountaineering in late spring but early alpine start is essential. 6am above 3000m the snow is hard and icy, becoming soft and slushy after 11am Sometimes you need to do a bit of lateral thinking for your mountain adventures. We might be only two hours from the sun drenched beaches of the Costa del Sol, but there is still some good mountaineering sport to be found. An early alpine start is the chief requirement.
21 June 2011 / Trekking / Trip reports / Veleta
The following report has been sent in by guest writer, Muhz Ham, after sampling a June day in the high Sierra Nevada snows In Fred Zinneman’s 1984 film “5 days one Summer”, Sean Connery plays the part of a pre-war climber in the Alps. Driven by a burning desire to conquer peaks (and, it must be said, to pursue his affair with his niece) he pushes onwards and upwards, as it were, regardless of the dangers.
13 June 2011 / Travel / Web-Tech
Don’t head into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada thinking that you will always be able to rely on mobile cell phone coverage for messages, help There are only certain areas that will receive a signal. We tend to use and rely on sat phones or Spot Messengers for communication during our 5 day trek covering the main ridge of the Sierra Nevada. I have made some notes intended to help walkers, trekkers and mountaineers heading into the mountains.
31 May 2011 / Mulhacen / Trekking / Trip reports
James Jackson took Spanish Highs faithful hound, Max, on a night ascent of Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain. Normally this is a glorious trip seeing in the new day. But, rather than seeing the spectacular morning sunrise they had hoped for, they were met with a full on snow blizzard above 3000m. Nothing like we reported in our article “Brilliant sunrise following night ascent of Mulhacen” some time ago.
29 March 2011 / Mountaineering / Mulhacen / Trip reports
What to think about when planning your self guided winter mountaineering trip to the Sierra Nevada in Spain. A multitude of factors have to be considered. We recently assisted a group led by David Spreadborough in enjoying a somewhat mixed weather week in these mountains. How did they go on? The following article was originally posted by David on his interesting site at http://spreadys.wordpress.com/. Thanks to him for allowing us to reproduce below.
17 March 2011 / Mountaineering / Trip reports
A recent report on a rare mountaineering traverse of the Raspones de Rio Seco in Spains Sierra Nevada By Gary Brown and his friends of the “Geezers of Croydon” MC. No idea if any Brit/Irish has done this before. Maybe a first British/Irish winter ascent? The Geezers on the ridge crest “We reached the crest of the ridge around the 2767m mark, just before the start of the rocky peaks, within 90 minutes of leaving the Poqueira Hut.
14 March 2011 / Lanjaron / Travel
In 1866, an English explorer, member of the Alpine Club of London, John Ormsby, came to visit the Sierra Nevada, the Alpujarra and my home town of Lanjarón In March 1867 he read his report before the Alpine Club and its magazine, The Alpine Journal, was then published in full. This included a basic map, which just marked the most important peaks, rivers and major towns of La Alpujarra.
20 February 2011 / Mulhacen / Ski Mountaineering / Trip reports
What is it like to ski down Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain? Jens Foell has a marvelous descent in perfect powder snow conditions Report and photos from our guide, Jens Foell and clients, who found out recently after a frustrating few days weather led eventually to a marvelous descent in perfect powder snow conditions. Continues Jens…………… Jens Foell lead ski guide You might feel frustrated when you come on a ski touring holiday to the Sierra Nevada and you end up sitting out a couple of days of bad weather.
15 February 2011 / Ski Mountaineering / Veleta
We arrived at the Hoya de la Mora in the Sierra Nevada to find perfect weather and snow conditions for ski touring The forecast wasnt good which is why we had large smiles when we arrived at the Hoya de la Mora to find perfect weather and snow conditions. Sure, the winds were high, but the sun and gleaming white snows more than compensated. Ascending to the Loma de San Juan ridge We skinned up past the Virgen de las Nieves and up keeping as far away from the ski pistes as we could.
The Sierra Nevada makes a wonderful winter holiday destination. When snow is in abundance there are many more ways for you to enjoy this winter wonderland The Sierra Nevada makes a wonderful winter holiday destination. Most people though are only aware of the downhill skiing opportunities, based at Pradollano on the northern slopes of the range above Granada. However, during the winter months from December to May when snow is in abundance there are many more ways for you to enjoy this winter wonderland.
16 December 2010 / Mountaineering / Trekking / Trip reports
We spent a cold night in the ruins of the relatively unknown Cebollar Refugio 2500m in the heart of the Sierra Nevada The Cebollar hut with Cerrillo Redondo behind High in the Rio Chico valley above Orgiva in the Alpujarras lies the ruins of the Refugio Cebollar. Access is normally via either the forest area at Puente Palo (1700m) or via the high track to La Pluca above the western side of Capileira.
25 October 2010 / Alpujarras / Scrambling / Travel / Trekking / Walking
Here in southern Spain’s Alpujarras we have been enjoying the relatively unknown delights of an fascinating little peak called Giralda. The highest mountains sometimes fail to live up to their status, whilst some relatively unknown peaks turn out to be lesser in height only. Here in southern Spain’s Alpujarras, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, we have for some years now been enjoying the delights of an fascinating little peak called Giralda.
25 September 2010 / Travel
A insight into why the high mountain shelters of the upper Rio Lanjaron valley of the Sierra Nevada were originally constructed. Construction of mountain shelters on the slopes of Sierra Nevada was begun in the sixteenth century after a slow but progressive deforestation, which lasted until the early twentieth century. This situation was regrettable. The Elorrieta hut June 2010 In 1916 Fernando Baró was informed of the situation: “In the Sierra Nevada the forests provide a framework for the alpine meadow, take away the naked landscape and prevent rain waters deepening precipitous ravines and carrying stones and gravel to Padul and Dúrcal.
11 September 2010 / Alcazaba / Scrambling / Trekking
There are some ingenious ways across the steep north west flank of Alcazaba in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Rough and narrow tracks cross steep ground but provide rapid ways between the north side of Alcazaba and Laguna de la Mosca at the foot of Mulhacens north face. This saves the long detour east round the eastern buttresses of Alcazaba and Mulhacen via Siete Lagunas. The photo below is taken in winter but the snow outlines better the summer routes to follow from the Puntal de Goteron across the face.
19 August 2010 / Alcazaba / Mulhacen / Trekking / Trip reports
Describes a multi day trek over the highest parts of Spain taking in the highest peak, Mulhacen and the remote and quiet fortress of Alcazaba The route up the south ridge of Mulhacen from the Hoya del Portillo may not be the most exciting in the world but at least it gives a high start point. An early start meant the 8 of us avoided the searing heat of the lower Alpujarras and we had the cool of the morning for the ascent.
24 July 2010 / Los Tres Miles / Trekking / Walking
Water sources in the Sierra Nevada from where can you obtain reliable drinking water when trekking this summer Describes the sources from where can you obtain reliable water when walking in the high peaks this summer or when trying to complete “Los Tres Miles” 5 day traverse of the main ridge. Laguna Cuadrada Water shouldn’t really be a problem after the wet winter just past, but the following should be a reliable guide even in the driest years.
06 June 2008 / Los Tres Miles / News / Veleta
Amount of fox related incidents is increasing in the mountains of spain’s Sierra Nevada It seems to me that the amount of fox related incidents is increasing in these mountains. I remember when I first came out here some 10 years ago that they were shy, retiring creatures, that you sometimes caught a glimpse of early in the mornings, or late at night. Not any more! Some high level traverses of “Los Tres Miles Integral” some 4 years ago suggested problems were mounting.
Robert Sharp describes his experiences on Los Tres Miles Integral trek in the Sierra Nevada, Spain So there we were, loaded up with 5 days of equipment and food. Richard, of Spanish Highs Mountain Guides, dropped us off at the trailhead near the Ventura Hut at 2250m above the town of Lanjaron in the Alpujarra region of Andalucia, Spain. The skies were blue and clear as we made our way onwards.