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14 June 2011 / Travel / Trekking
Report from Trevor Hartley detailing encounters with our Sierra Nevada foxes over a four night period and suggests how you should deal with the problem of fox related attacks Trevor writes……………….. Spanish foxes – at least in the Sierra Nevada – are not like English foxes. If you are camping out, they will come at night to take your food. They put their heads under the side of your tent and grab anything they can find.
03 February 2011 / Travel
Report from Martin Kuster who had his mountaineering trip ruined not only by the poor weather, but also by a series of fox attacks We have been reporting an increasing number of fox related attacks on campsites in the Sierra Nevada for some years. The incidence usually decreases in the middle of winter when the pesky critters drop below the snowline in search of food. This year however they are remaining on the high ground and becoming braver in their approaches.
Chiz Dakin gives advice about high level trekking Los Tres Miles, Sierra Nevada, Spain The following detailed report is by Chiz Dakin of Peak Images. She joined us on one of our 5 day Los Tres Miles, 3000m peak traverses, in the Sierra Nevada. It provided interesting reading and a good summary of this adventurous trek for those interested in following in her footsteps. Chiz Dakin is an award-winning professional photographer and guidebook writer, who specialises in landscape, outdoors adventure and travel photography
20 May 2009 / Los Tres Miles / Travel / Trekking
More fox related incidents bothering trekkers in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Spain A year ago we wrote an article about fox related incidents involving clients in the Sierra Nevada. The situation has worsened in the past year. They have spread outwards and now occur further afield from the normal Veleta/Mulhacen tourist tracks. Indeed they are getting braver and becoming more and more of a nuisance. Here is what Leigh Richie had to say in April 2009 …………….
06 June 2008 / Los Tres Miles / News / Veleta
Amount of fox related incidents is increasing in the mountains of spain’s Sierra Nevada It seems to me that the amount of fox related incidents is increasing in these mountains. I remember when I first came out here some 10 years ago that they were shy, retiring creatures, that you sometimes caught a glimpse of early in the mornings, or late at night. Not any more! Some high level traverses of “Los Tres Miles Integral” some 4 years ago suggested problems were mounting.