The Spanish 3000s trek - crossing Los Tres Miles

A crossing of the main Sierra Nevada ridge and picking up as many of the 3000m tops as possible always provides for an entertaining and enjoyable trek

The Spanish 3000s trek - crossing Los Tres Miles

This year however, due to the amount of winter snows still remaining, the trek is even more of a challenge.

There are several ways to do it. The normal northerly start point is Jerez de Marsquesado, a small town south of Guadix. In the south Lanjarón is the most convenient base. It is more routinely done north to south.

Ronald Turnbull recently visited the area and did the trek starting at Guejar Sierra to eventually attain the first 3000m top of the Picón de Jerez. Then it was on over the northern peaks to the main mountains of Puntal de Vacares, Alcazaba and Mulhacen. From there the standard route was followed to Veleta and down the south western ridges towards the Carro de Caballo and Lanjarón.

Overnight camps were made at the Peña Partida, Lagunas de las Calderetas and the Refugio Carihuela. This gave 4 quite long days trekking.

We actually prefer the start point of Guejar Sierra to the normal start at Jerez de Marsquesado as you feel you are in big mountain country much sooner (N.B we may be slightly biased as for us it is also an hours less drive to the start point!).

Ronald has provided a very interesting report on his Sierra Nevada trek which I urge you all to read if you are considering a similar venture.

More information about guided treks on "Los Tres Miles".

All photos provided courtesy of Ronald Turnbull. More of his splendid photos

Col and Refugio de Carihuela

Col and Refugio de Carihuela