On 30 November 2011, The newspaper Ideal published an extensive article on the “Accion Sierra Nevada” initiative. We still need your support though to enable us to carry out important restoration work on the mountain refugios of the Sierra Nevada next summer.

From the initiative we want to thank the interest shown by Alejandro Molina to Accion Sierra Nevada, author of the article reproduced and translated into english (as best I can!) below.

Another way of understanding Sport of Mountaineering

Granada is one of the provinces with most passion for the mountains in Spain and has a set of peaks higher than 3,000 meters very close.

But for some mountaineers to climb is not enough. The last 2 months has seen the light of the ‘Accion Sierra Nevada’ initiative, whose work is already making a very positive note. They have been responsible for important restoration work carried out in the refugios of Caballo and Elorrieta, long demanded by all mountaineers.

Non profit or other claim that care for and maintain the mountain, ‘Accion Sierra Nevada’ was born spontaneously and with social networks as a backdrop. This time it was an English mountaineer who lives in the Alpujarra named Richard Hartley who decided to call on Facebook to find people who would like to restore the Refugio de Caballo. Although the response at first was small, they had the financial support of a friend of Hartley, who sent money from England so they could rent a mule to carry the materials to the refugio. The expedition formed of 3 mountaineers, 2 muleteers and a mule after Richard contacted Jesus Labajo. This represented the birth of ‘Accion Sierra Nevada’.

Labajo Jesus, who for years directed the popular Base Camp radio program, decided to create ‘Accion Sierra Nevada’ without any economic or other claim. The goal being a meeting point among all people who love this mountain. On its website (www.accionsierranevada.com) can be read the platform principles including statements that, besides being non profit, they are apolitical and independent.

Along with Labajo and Hartley, the association MADIF (mutually supportive), has also played an important role in the creation of Accion Sierra Nevada.

During these 2 months the number of members of the initiative have been increasing and have conducted 2 major restoration projects. In the first, a group of mountaineers climbed on October 1 to place a impermeable tarp in the refugio de Elorrieta. The aim was to accumulate in a tank as much snow so that they can have enough water this summer for future restoration work. In turn, funds are being raised through the initiative ‘bricks solidarity’ to carry out future work.

That, in addition, companies such as Sierra Nevada Mammut have donated part of his collection in various activities and will donate one euro for each of the inscriptions Climbing Championship of Andalusia, as well as Spanish Highs, which will also donate one euro each client may have during the winter season. Others like Nivalis transfer their facilities to be able to carry out the meetings.

Harder has been, if anything, the second action that took place in the Refugio de Caballo. The conditions under which this mythical site stood were deplorable, as the main need was the fitting of a door to prevent animals and snow during the winter, which left the hut almost useless for its function. Again, unselfish collaboration marked the work. Thus, the blacksmith Miguel Jimenez, who saw the notice on the Internet, decided to donate an iron door valued at 1,400 euros. The fitting of the door was quite an ordeal, because the weight of the materials and snowfall forced the members to turn around when they were at 2,500 meters. They dropped and left a great part of the materials and returned the following weekend to complete the fitting. May hours of uphill marching and carrying materials. After an interminable time in which there was no lack of snow and wind, the result was a success, and today the Caballo can boast one of the best unguarded refugios in Spain.

Obviously, the direction of the national park is no stranger to this work. As Jesus Labajo explains, “after the first intervention the Park contacted us to get our attention. I look normal because they have to keep track of what is done. Now we have good relationship and we always coordinate with them so they are informed of our activities. ” It must be remembered these refugios currently depend on the national park.

Anyway, ‘Action Sierra Nevada’ is not tied to any institution or association. According Labajo, it is about having an open project for anyone who wants to help. “‘Action Sierra Nevada’,  precisely what is intended is that the door is open to anyone with the desire to do something in the mountains,” says Jesus.

Along with the restoration in the refugios, the initiative aims to develop projects to restore trails and do reforestation work.

Source: www.desafio.ideal.es