11 December / Expeditions / Patagonia / Trip reports
Report from our expedition to the Patagonian Icecap in November 2016 The expedition was beset by unsettled weather and enforced route changes due to unseasonal warm weather. Summary The plan was to access the Patagonian Icecap via Paso Marconi as usual but then head off across the icecap to climb the remote and rarely climbed peak of Cerro Mariano Moreno. Due to the collapse of the Marconi glacier a new access route had to be found NW of Playita up to Laguna de los 14 and onto the lower Glacier Gorra Blanca Sur.
14 August / Information / Video
Sierra Nevada infographic on the high peaks which includes the top ten ascents by height Sierra Nevada infographic on the high peaks which includes the top ten ascents by height. Added are “normal year” snow seasons and how to deal with altitude sickness whilst visiting the Sierra Nevada national park. Our most popular mountain activities and a few facts thrown in. Sierra Nevada High Peaks Infographic
13 August / Alcazaba / Trip reports
People are driven to reach summits. It’s in their nature. But in the constant drive to get to the top, much of the surrounding beauty can also be missed or ignored. This is good news though for those who prefer to forgo the crowded mountain peaks and trails and disappear into their own world. A world of quiet, peace, tranquillity and superb natural scenery few others will get to see.
Kiersten Rowland talks about her recent scrambling day with us on the Tozal del Cartujo, Sierra Nevada A report below from Kiersten Rowland of Spanish Highs about her recent scrambling day she had with us on the Tozal del Cartujo in the Sierra Nevada mountains. This is my version of a day scrambling I had in the Sierra Nevada on the NW ridge of Tozal del Cartujo. Thankfully I was in the competent company of Richard, Felipe and Andrew, who all helped to keep me calm, make me laugh and make me feel confident.
14 July / Gear and Equipment
Ian Tupman spends some walking time with the Scarpa Marmolada Trek boot in the Dolomites. Are they are use here in the Sierra Nevada? Here’s what his review says. First of all, what does Scarpa say: The Marmolada has been designed as a boot that excels in the UK for general mountain walking, scrambling, long distance and trekking. Traction is provided by the Vibram Mulaz S sole which coupled with the Scarpa Pro (4.