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31 August / Web-Tech / Weather
A Weatherflow SmartWeather system has been installed by Spanish Highs to give local weather information throughout the Alpujarras We have always been Weather “Geeks”. Our semi-professional Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station has served us well since 2008 and is still going strong. But technology always moves forward and the chance to acquire one of the new Smart Weather Stations from Weatherflow sounded too good to miss. We backed this originally via an Indigogo Project and had expected delivery in April 2018, but supply delays meant we only took delivery of the kit late August.
Caught by a blizzard our group took shelter in the Refugio de Caballo for 2 extra nights. The lack of mobile phone signal showing the importance of satellite communication alternatives to keep contact. The Plan On Friday the Sierra Nevada looked stunning. Javier and Jim set out from the Ventura trailhead above Lanjarón to ascend to the Refugio de Caballo. From there they would make for the Refugio Elorrieta for the second night, before dropping down the Rio Lanjarón valley and a return on the Sunday evening.
13 June / Travel / Web-Tech
Don’t head into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada thinking that you will always be able to rely on mobile cell phone coverage for messages, help There are only certain areas that will receive a signal. We tend to use and rely on sat phones or Spot Messengers for communication during our 5 day trek covering the main ridge of the Sierra Nevada. I have made some notes intended to help walkers, trekkers and mountaineers heading into the mountains.