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14 November / Walking / trip-reports
Guest writer Ian Tupman describes a walk into the western side of the Poqueira valley, above Capileira Last week I made a short trip back to Salobreña on the Costa Tropical. I had some business appointments during the week but I hoped to spend at least one day walking in the mountains. It rained heavily on the Friday night with more rain on the Saturday but the forecast for the Sunday was good.
05 September / Walking / Accidents
The Guardia Civil had to carry out 6 helicopter flights in the Sierra Nevada to rescue 18 mountaineers Unbelievable I know but 18 mountaineers had to be rescued from the Sierra Nevada over the past weekend even though we are still officially in “summer” mode. My translation of the newspaper article is below which summarises the events over the weekend. But, what lessons can be learned from this? In my opinion
10 January / Alpujarras / Walking
We have teamed up with Casa Ana to offer you a great introductory offer to this new and exciting 6 day walking with nature holiday. The wonderful Beeeater Next dates for this 6 night, 5 day tour will be 28th May - 3rd June 2017. It’s an opportunity to explore the wildlife of the Alpujarras and enjoy the surrounding area on guided nature tours. For full details of this holiday, please CLICK HERE.
Successfully completing an exercise like this helps to build confidence and when you need to navigate in ‘anger’ you know that you CAN trust your compass” A report from Ian Tupman Retirement brings advantages when it comes to getting into the mountains, one of which is being able to wait for good weather. The forecast the other day was for the possibility of a few isolated showers in the morning and for the cloud to break up during the afternoon.
13 December / Trekking / Trip reports / Walking
Report of a day walk in the Sierra Nevada peaks encircling the Rio Chico above Lanjarón, including Cerrillo Redondo and Tajos de los Machos Thanks to guest writer, Ian Tupman for this report of his day walk in the Sierra Nevada peaks encircling the Rio Chico above Lanjarón, including Cerrillo Redondo and Tajos de los Machos. The 5th to the 8th of December this year has been a “puente”, a Spanish holiday celebrating both the new constitution in 1978 and the immaculate conception, several years earlier.
A linear walk in the Sierra Nevada alongside the Rio Trevélez to the junction with the Rio Juntillas and then a steep climb up to the delightful Refugio Horcajo set in a stunning location amid high peaks. Although I had walked down the Rio Trevelez from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada on numerous occasions, I had never visited the Refugio Horcajo, which sits on a little plateau next to a small river at approx 2220m.
22 August / Alpujarras / Travel / Walking
Spanish Highs have teamed up with writer Chris Stewart & delightful accommodation at Casa Ana to bring guided walking holidays in the Alpujarras The holiday The Alpujarra is one of Spain’s most spectacular and unspoilt walking areas, with hikes in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and rambles through the meadows, orchards and white villages. The holiday is based at CASA ANA, a gem of a guest house on the edge of Ferreirola, with magnificent views of the Trevelez river gorge.
17 November / Cumbre Verdes / Trip reports / Walking
A group of Sierra Nevada Twitter users met for the first time in the Cumbres Verdes, Granada. What better hike was there than to ascend the peak of Trevenque? It seems that the whole world is involved with Social Media Sites these days. A few of us Twitter users who regularly tweet about the Sierra Nevada mountains met for the first time yesterday in the Cumbres Verdes range just south east of the Andalucian city of Granada.
An itinerary for a group mountain walking holiday in the cool and pleasant air of Spain’s Sierra Nevada We had a request for a Group Walking Holiday itinerary. In Spain? In summer? This took some working out as the only place to enjoy the hiking would be in the cool and pleasant air above 2000m. This in turn meant that the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia would be the only realistic location, with over 20 peaks topping 3000m in height.
23 June / Trip reports / Walking
A moderately graded, varied and interesting summer day’s hiking route in the Sierra Nevada. As it is linear it does need the benefit of a friendly driver to help with the transport. It utilises a high vehicle track and a direct climb to gain height rapidly. Then comes a delightful descent down through pine trees and crossing streams before meeting a forest track above Puente Palo. The Rio Chico This is a 10.
20 December / Alpujarras / Trip reports / Walking
I have done this walk in Las Alpujarras at every time of the year but, in my opinion, it is best undertaken in the autumn On this occasion, I was accompanied by Meg, our border collie pup. Words and photos from guest writer, Ian Tupman I parked the car at the Hoya del Magalite, a group of cortijos just off the GR413, approximately 10km north of Almegíjar . From here we took the track heading west along the north side of the Sierra de Mecina.
04 October / Trip reports / Walking
Walking up La Concha (1243m), which is really an interesting series of lumps on a long rocky ridge far above the sea Just half an hours drive from the busy Costa del Sol and you are in a different world where some great walking and hiking opportunities exist far above the sparkling waters of the mediterranean. Today we were climbing up La Concha (1243m), which is really an interesting series of lumps on a long rocky ridge far above the sea.
Our day trek in the Tabernas desert badlands of Almeria turned into a very hot walk indeed Sometimes you can get caught out by the weather, normally bad weather. But this time the weather was good, too good! Our day trek in the Tabernas desert badlands of Almeria turned into a very hot walk indeed. Spectacular desert badlands scenery, Tabernas Due to the heat we don’t normally visit the deserts from mid-June to mid-September.
05 July / Trip reports / Veleta / Walking
Describes a lovely summer walk from Pradollano ski station to the Refugio Elorrieta, with it’s magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Access the walk from Borreguilles, above the Sierra Nevada ski town. In summer months a gondola and chairlift take you to nearly 3000m on the slopes of Veleta. Yesterday though we had another objective. The Refugio Elorrieta sat at nearly 3200m on the southern side of the Tajos de la Virgen ridge.
Ian Tupman, describes an hike to the summit of this wonderful peak in the foothills of Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains Not having done any serious hill walking in February and March, I wanted to get out and do a good leg and lung-stretcher before returning to the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada. Trevenque had been mentioned to me in the past by Spanish Highs and it sounded just what I was looking for.
22 September / Trip reports / Walking
The delapidated Refugio de Cebollar makes an interesting days hiking destination above Puente Palo in the Alpujarras region of southern Spain. Park the car at the forestry recreation site at Puente Palo above the towns of Lanjaron, Soportujar and Cañar. Head left up the main forest track. After some 45 minutes take the second main track leading right which crosses a stream after 200m. The trees begin to thin out and we emerge on open hillside on the west side and above the Rio Chico.
21 August / Mulhacen / Trekking / Walking
The ascent of Mulhacen, highest peak in mainland Spain can be done in a long day in the summer. But how can you make the round trip more interesting by traversing the mountain and not covering the same ground twice? From the Alpujarras to the south the ascent of Mulhacen, highest peak in mainland Spain can be done in a long day in the summer. But how can you make the round trip more interesting by traversing the mountain and not covering the same ground twice?
07 August / Trekking / Trip reports / Video / Walking
It’s always great when your mountain adventures can be accompanied by a four legged friend. I took my husky, Khumbu on a trek into the Sierra Nevada We camped in the upper Lanjaron valley by streams and under a spectacular night sky. This was to be his first overnight trip. My lightweight summer backpack felt strangely heavy, weighed down by the additional items such as dog food, extra water and a various assortment of chains, leads, slings and karabiners, in a vain attempt to control a huskies instincts for freedom.
When we approached Mulhacen summit, the sun broke through the horizon. All the hard effort and discomfort seemed worthwhile. We were at the highest point in mainland Spain A one am start from Lanjaron, an hours drive to the trailhead, followed by 5 hours trudge uphill through the night might not seem the best way to climb a mountain. But when we approached the summit and the sun broke through the horizon, all the hard effort and discomfort seemed well worthwhile.
21 July / Trekking / Trip reports / Walking
A two day high level July trek in Spain’s Sierra Nevada, from the ski centre in the north to Lanjaron in the south camping by a high mountain lake overnight Max and the Cerro de Caballo The high (2500m) access point at the Hoya de la Mora makes a convenient starting point for this two day trek. Unfortunately one has to spend the first hour passing through the summer debris of the ski resort pistes, but thereafter this is a wonderful high level trek.
Remarkable, barren badlands of Tabernas, Almeria provide rich walking and hiking opportunities in unique European environment Spectacular desert scenery Our latest foray into the wild and dramatic desert land near Tabernas came a few weeks ago. We have developed a great full day’s desert walking tour taking in some of the very best bits. The area is characterised by dry valleys (ramblas) and steep sided ravines. Contrastingly, some ramblas are lush with green vegetation especially bamboo and make for difficult walking.
Here in southern Spain’s Alpujarras we have been enjoying the relatively unknown delights of an fascinating little peak called Giralda. The highest mountains sometimes fail to live up to their status, whilst some relatively unknown peaks turn out to be lesser in height only. Here in southern Spain’s Alpujarras, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, we have for some years now been enjoying the delights of an fascinating little peak called Giralda.
03 August / Scrambling / Travel / Walking
In Mallorca combine some amazing mountain and gorge scrambling with opportunities for great walking, scrambling and birdwatching. Combined with the mountain and sea backdrops it is a potent mix. The mountains of Mallorca are beckoning and we are set to visit again in September. The week long trip will combine some amazing mountain and gorge scrambling with opportunities to see the black vultures and eleonoras falcons, rare on mainland Spain.
Water sources in the Sierra Nevada from where can you obtain reliable drinking water when trekking this summer Describes the sources from where can you obtain reliable water when walking in the high peaks this summer or when trying to complete “Los Tres Miles” 5 day traverse of the main ridge. Laguna Cuadrada Water shouldn’t really be a problem after the wet winter just past, but the following should be a reliable guide even in the driest years.
17 June / Trekking / Trip reports / Walking
Clive Fenn embarks on a 14 hour mega day walking around the head of the Lanjaron valley with 2000m ascent and 3000m descent! When we dropped Clive Fenn, off at a high trailhead at 9 in the morning we didn’t expect him back for 2 or 3 days. Certainly didn’t expect him to stagger, totally spent, into our house at 11pm that same night, after a mega tough 14 hour walking day in the Sierras, including about 2000m of ascent and 3000m of descent!
The Cumbres Verdes just SE of Granada offers so much good walking especially for those with an exploratory and adventurous nature Since we started visiting this fascinating walking and trekking location near Granada in 1998, we have seen a rise in the popularity of peaks such as the magnificent Trevenque (2079m). However, there is so much more than the normal routes of ascent to offer for those with an exploratory and adventurous nature.
Some of the movies and film locations in the desert scenery around Tabernas in Almeria “Walking in the footsteps of Clint Eastwood” There is no doubt that the scenery around Tabernas in Almeria is dramatic. We have been running Walking Tours in the Tabernas Desert for many years now and the views never fail to inspire. Sergio Leone and the Spaghetti Western crews realised this too, and from the 1960’s onwards, the deserts have been used for such film materpieces as “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, “Fistful of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More” and “Shalako” amongst others.