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28 February / Alcazaba / Mulhacen / Trekking / Veleta
A superb trekking challenge! 36km high mountain terrain, 2275m ascent over 3 days, 3 highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada, wild camping Overnight in incredibly wild and natural mountain lakeside locations. Ideal trek for hikers and trekkers wanting to “get away from it all”! Our spanish 3 peak “wild camping” challenge will consist of summiting Alcazaba 3,371m, Veleta 3,394m and finally Spain’s highest - Mulhacén 3,482m. The mountain range is the second highest in Europe after the Alps and includes 15 peaks higher than 3,000m.
28 November / Mountaineering / Trip reports / Veleta
We spent an extremely cold November night in a refuge in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hard to believe that this was in fact southern Spain! In the Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain we can expect some bad weather in November. This is normally the month when the major snows fall. We had a three day crossing of the mountain range booked for four clients in the last week of the month.
08 September / Trekking / Trip reports / Veleta
A little known, but spectacular track the hugs the northern slopes of Spain’s Sierra Nevada between the main peaks of Veleta and Mulhacén The start of the track is on the northern flanks of Veleta above the Sierra Nevada ski station, at “Los Posiciones del Veleta”. This can be reached by short walk from the Veleta Chairlift (July and August only) or by autobus from Hoya de la Mora (Albergue de Granada).
26 May / Travel / Trip reports / Veleta
The Sierra Nevada can be used by trekkers and mountaineers training for high mountain challenges such as Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc or Aconcagua. Sports professionals have long used the Sierra Nevada in Spain for altitude training. However it is also used by trekkers and mountaineers training for high mountain challenges such as Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc or Aconcagua. As there are some 27 points above the magical 3000m level there is plenty of opportunity to gain acclimatisation in preparation for your trip.
Jens Foell combines ski touring and mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada combating very cold and icy conditions, knife edge ridges and finishing in the dark Jens continues…………….. “This year we had a big drop in temperature here in the Sierra Nevada at the end of November. This led to two very different experiences up in the high mountains only days apart from each other. The first trip was a Spanish Highs Team ascent of the Raspones ridge, a beautiful alpine style summit ridge rising up from 2800m to well above 3000m (see article by Ian Tupman).
04 September / Trekking / Trip reports / Veleta
The Paso de los Guias is a spectacular shortcut path cutting through a rockface in the Sierra Nevada and requiring a good steady head for heights Links the Refugio Cariguela south of Veleta to the Paso de los Machos. It provides a quick by pass of the main track, cutting off a substantial zig zag in the old track, saving 15 minutes walking. Starts at a cairn at the first right bend below the Refugio de Cariguela if going west to east.
05 July / Trip reports / Veleta / Walking
Describes a lovely summer walk from Pradollano ski station to the Refugio Elorrieta, with it’s magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Access the walk from Borreguilles, above the Sierra Nevada ski town. In summer months a gondola and chairlift take you to nearly 3000m on the slopes of Veleta. Yesterday though we had another objective. The Refugio Elorrieta sat at nearly 3200m on the southern side of the Tajos de la Virgen ridge.
Report of May 2012 trek in the Sierra Nevada covering all the major peaks including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera Full and interesting report from guest writer, Yvonne Holland, who returned to the Sierra Nevada in May 2012 to do a trek from Trevélez to Lanjarón, covering all the major peaks of the Sierra Nevada between the two villages, including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera.
There’s good mountaineering in late spring but early alpine start is essential. 6am above 3000m the snow is hard and icy, becoming soft and slushy after 11am Sometimes you need to do a bit of lateral thinking for your mountain adventures. We might be only two hours from the sun drenched beaches of the Costa del Sol, but there is still some good mountaineering sport to be found. An early alpine start is the chief requirement.
21 June / Trekking / Trip reports / Veleta
The following report has been sent in by guest writer, Muhz Ham, after sampling a June day in the high Sierra Nevada snows In Fred Zinneman’s 1984 film “5 days one Summer”, Sean Connery plays the part of a pre-war climber in the Alps. Driven by a burning desire to conquer peaks (and, it must be said, to pursue his affair with his niece) he pushes onwards and upwards, as it were, regardless of the dangers.
15 February / Ski Mountaineering / Veleta
We arrived at the Hoya de la Mora in the Sierra Nevada to find perfect weather and snow conditions for ski touring The forecast wasnt good which is why we had large smiles when we arrived at the Hoya de la Mora to find perfect weather and snow conditions. Sure, the winds were high, but the sun and gleaming white snows more than compensated. Ascending to the Loma de San Juan ridge We skinned up past the Virgen de las Nieves and up keeping as far away from the ski pistes as we could.
06 June / Los Tres Miles / News / Veleta
Amount of fox related incidents is increasing in the mountains of spain’s Sierra Nevada It seems to me that the amount of fox related incidents is increasing in these mountains. I remember when I first came out here some 10 years ago that they were shy, retiring creatures, that you sometimes caught a glimpse of early in the mornings, or late at night. Not any more! Some high level traverses of “Los Tres Miles Integral” some 4 years ago suggested problems were mounting.