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Southern Patagonian Icefield Enhanced

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A collection of some of our favorite images from last years expedition to the Southern Patagonian Icefield. Last years trip to the Southern Patagonian Icefield was of of the most memorable expeditions we have ever been on. The contrast from the previous battering that the weather elements gave us in 2010 was marked. Unfortunately we are not going back in 2012 as we originally intended. Hopefully November/December 2013? I recently came across the new Snapseed application from Nik Software and ran it through some of our photos from 2011.
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4 Insights the mountains and wilderness have shown me this year

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As the dawn on a new year breaks it’s a good time to reflect on the past 12 months. 2011 has been unforgettable in so many ways There were ups and downs, of course (it is the mountains after all…..ha ha!), but experiences in the Sierra Nevada and Patagonia have shown me some insights I thought I’d share with you. 1. You can make a difference to your world no matter how small it seems!
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Oh, Patagonia, to leave you we shall weep!

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Poem by Michelle Wakeley about her time spent on our recent Southern Patagonian Icecap Expedition THE ICE-CAP - SO WILD & STILL On the vast icecap below Paso Marconi Finally, in El Chalten we arrive To face this southern cap of ice Our team of six come from far & wide Would we achieve her illusive prize? The Patagonian gods mocked us with a sunny display Only to veil Cerro Fitzroy & Torre for days But with better reports, a little patience, We were on our way.
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The debilitating effects of Snowblindness - a personal experience

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Becoming snowblind is one of the most debilitating hazards of being in the high mountains. This article relates my own personal experience on the Patagonian Icecap with this painful condition. I am not a medical expert and haven’t read up on all the facts, so if you want the medical stuff then do a Google Search. I relate below only my own experience. Snowblind. Not a pretty sight! I guess after spending over 40 years walking in the mountains I’ve been lucky not to have contracted snowblindness before.
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Best snow wall construction to eliminate drifting on the leeward side

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Sometimes a basic snow wall is not sufficient as the wind drops spindrift on the leeward side, burying tents. So what design would make them more efficient? Sometimes a basic snow wall is not sufficient to keep the elements at bay. The wind can drop spindrift on the leeward side thus burying the tents. Is there a solution in the way we can construct snow walls that would make them more efficient?
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