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21 April / News / Scrambling / Trekking
Trekkers and Scramblers! ….. escape the heat this summer and head for the hills of the high Sierra Nevada mountains With the onset of June winter relents, snow melts and the high Sierra Nevada mountains cease to be the domain of winter mountaineers. Now trekkers and scramblers can escape the heat of the baking Granada plains and costas and head for the fresh cool air of the mountains! This is a magic place for Trekking and Scrambling with lot’s of great mountains adventures for the experienced through to the beginner.
A brand new personalised mountain weather forecasting service has been launched aimed at hill walkers, expeditions and mountain adventurers throughout the world. Weather4Mountain is the brainchild of Steph Ball, a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS) and highly experienced weather forecaster with almost 30 years experience working for the UK Met Office. Based in Gibraltar, her aim is to provide users with detailed bespoke and personalised mountain weather forecasts for mountain climbers, walkers and trekkers.
30 December / News / Weather
Safety notes for those intending to head for the higher Sierra Nevada mountains this winter After the tragic events of the last few days though I thought it may be wise to put out some helpful safety notes for those intending to head for the higher Sierra Nevada mountains this winter. Most of this is common sense but it may act as a useful checklist before your trip. 1) Check weather forecast In particular I recommend EiALERT group pages (Facebook), AEMET and of course the Sierra Nevada Ski pages.
Chris Stewart will undertake the mammoth task of walking the Sierra Nevada “Integral de los Tres Miles” in June to raise much needed funding for Acompalia Vice President of the charity Acompalia, Chris Stewart, alongside Contraviesa farmer, Nick Cranham and London based Physiotherapist, Glenn, will undertake the mammoth task of walking the Sierra Nevada “Integral de los Tres Miles” in June to raise much needed funding. Spanish Highs are supporting this project and they ask you to sponsor the charity generously.
In April 2013 we join a team led by British snowboarder Julia Pickering to climb and snowboard the largest active volcano in Kamchatka and the Northern Hemisphere In April 2013, Richard Hartley and Kiersten Rowland of Spanish Highs Mountain Guides are to join a team led by British snowboarder/mountaineer Julia Pickering attempting to become the first people to climb and snowboard down the largest active volcano in the Northern Hemisphere, Kamchatka in far eastern Russia.
29 March / News / Travel
Until the end of April be careful with the processionary caterpillar when in areas of pine forest in the Sierra Nevada. Can be a danger to you and your pets These pests are cyclical and every three or four years, reach a maximum. Processionary caterpillars eat the leaves of the pines. These parasites leave the pine caterpillars just before end it. Although affected trees may seem dry, they are in fact dying.
11 December / News
On 30 November 2011, The newspaper Ideal published an extensive article on the “Accion Sierra Nevada” initiative. We still need your support though to enable us to carry out important restoration work on the mountain refugios of the Sierra Nevada next summer. From the initiative we want to thank the interest shown by Alejandro Molina to Accion Sierra Nevada, author of the article reproduced and translated into english (as best I can!
06 November / News / Travel
Acción Sierra Nevada has emerged as a credible independent platform for improving and conserving the Sierra Nevada mountain environment. The latest venture saw 26 people taking part in completing phase 2 of the restoration work on the Refugio de Caballo with the installation of a new door. Teams carry materials w flank Cerro de Caballo It’s funny how things develop. In the summer Pepe Badaje, Jesús Labajo Yuste of Campo Base, myself, together with muleteers, Toni and Jonni (not forgetting Pepito the mule!
03 September / Lanjaron / News / Travel
In the past week we have been helping to restore the Refugio de Caballo, at nearly 3000m in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, Spain. It’s been very hard work, but it has allowed us to give something back to the mountains that have given us so much over the years. Magical! The refuge and lake in winter The refuge is in a superb situation below the 3009m summit of the Cerro de Caballo, above the Alpujarras town of Lanjarón, and adjacent to the lake of the same name.
01 July / Lanjaron / News
Restoration work continues after wildfire in 2005 on the southern slopes of the Cerra de Caballo above Lanjaron The counselor of the Medio Ambiente, José Juan Diaz Trillo, and the director general of Aguas Font Vella and Lanjarón, Jordi Miró, on Wednesday visited the area of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park affected by fire in 2005 and ratified their commitment to continue to work on forest restoration through the project ‘Monte Siglo XXI’.
02 October / Mountaineering / News
Rescued are to be charged cost of recovery if found to have acted in an unreasonable or negligent way Rescued trekkers and climbers are to be charged the cost of recovery if they are found to have acted in what is deemed to be an unreasonable or negligent way, say the spanish government. This is to be implemented from the beginning of October 2009. According to the government………” they advise you to check the weather, the guidebooks and maps.
06 June / Los Tres Miles / News / Veleta
Amount of fox related incidents is increasing in the mountains of spain’s Sierra Nevada It seems to me that the amount of fox related incidents is increasing in these mountains. I remember when I first came out here some 10 years ago that they were shy, retiring creatures, that you sometimes caught a glimpse of early in the mornings, or late at night. Not any more! Some high level traverses of “Los Tres Miles Integral” some 4 years ago suggested problems were mounting.