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Describes a superb 2 or 3 day quiet and unknown trekking route up the eastern side of Mulhacen mountain from Trevelez village in the Alpujarras Background and Summary We were a group of 3. Myself (Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs with two often returning clients, Laurie and Dexter. They are both experienced mountaineers but, like myself, are getting on in years. Laurie the eldest is nearing 70 but bad health has meant his recent mountain trips have had to be curtailed somewhat.
14 March / Trekking / Travel / Mulhacen
A Charity Challenge from the Mediterranean Sea to the summit of Mulhacen in under 24 hours on 21st April 2018 by Nick Cranham of Spanish Highs Now, Nick Cranham is a pretty tough guy and is used to difficult and arduous challenges. But on 21st April 2018 he will attempt possibly his greatest challenge yet. A walk from the Mediterranean Sea at La Rábita northwards to Albuñol, over the Sierra de Contraviesa to Lobras and Juviles in La Alpujarra, before climbing up to the summit of Mulhacén, at 3482m the highest point in mainland Spain via Siete Lagunas.
Trip report in the Sierra Nevada from 2nd to 7th August 2017 Words and photos courtesy of Jennifer Stott Day 1 – Day of most ascent (1,730 metres) I set off from LOMA DE LOS CUARTOS. Immediately I was feeling the heat and altitude, which was making my 12Kg bag feel a lot heavier! I headed East (away from my final destination), to extend the suggested route. I walked off the path, and down into 3x valleys, where I stopped to dip my already hot feet in a stream.
28 February / Alcazaba / Mulhacen / Trekking / Veleta
A superb trekking challenge! 36km high mountain terrain, 2275m ascent over 3 days, 3 highest peaks in the Sierra Nevada, wild camping Overnight in incredibly wild and natural mountain lakeside locations. Ideal trek for hikers and trekkers wanting to “get away from it all”! Our spanish 3 peak “wild camping” challenge will consist of summiting Alcazaba 3,371m, Veleta 3,394m and finally Spain’s highest - Mulhacén 3,482m. The mountain range is the second highest in Europe after the Alps and includes 15 peaks higher than 3,000m.
26 February / Alcazaba / Mountaineering / Mulhacen
The north side of the Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountain range is steep, lined with crags and couloirs, just perfect for middle grade alpine mountaineering. The complex & dramatic northern Sierra Nevada. In this view we have Mulhacén & Puntal de la Caldera with the peak of Juego de Bolos centre The majority of the classic routes on these faces are of AD standard. Sure there are a few harder climbs and also some for the climber who searches for routes of PD standard.
02 August / Mulhacen
Information about the rare and unique Sierra Nevada Poppy (Papaver Lapeyrousianum) found in the Sierra Nevada mountains and some parts of the Pyrenees. This is quite a remarkable plant, unique but endangered. We found growing a few days ago on a windswept ridge of Mulhacén at 3300m. In almost 100 ascents of Mulhacén, mainland Spain’s highest mountain, I had never come across this pretty flower and yet there it was flourishing between the rock slabs.
A two day trek for the adventurous hiker over some of the roughest and highest parts of Spain’s Sierra Nevada, including Mulhacén and Alcazaba. Spanish Highs’ self stated mission to “Inspire The Adventure” means that we are really at our happiest when we are taking clients to new areas and trekking different routes, far away from the masses on the summer trade routes. Whilst others prefer to slog away on the regular routes accompanied by fellow bus passengers we prefer the solitude of the “real” Sierra Nevada.
07 August / Mulhacen / Travel
The legend of Moorish Sultan, Moulay Abu al-Hasan who was buried at the highest point in his empire Guest writer Alison Edwards relates the legend of Moorish Sultan, Moulay Abu al-Hasan who was buried at the highest point in his empire. Hence Mulhacén (3481m) bears his name and it’s said hold his guiding spirit. About 60 years ago a bunch of guys were here for a week of snowshoeing and climbing.
An itinerary for a group mountain walking holiday in the cool and pleasant air of Spain’s Sierra Nevada We had a request for a Group Walking Holiday itinerary. In Spain? In summer? This took some working out as the only place to enjoy the hiking would be in the cool and pleasant air above 2000m. This in turn meant that the Sierra Nevada in Andalucia would be the only realistic location, with over 20 peaks topping 3000m in height.
“You are joking. Skiing in June, southern Spain, 2 hours from Marbella. Never”, they said disbelievingly when I outlined my cunning plan. I like a challenge so set out to prove them wrong. A report from Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs Well, we have had a superb snow year in the Sierra Nevada and at the beginning of June the snow on some faces still lay deep and consolidated. To be honest I had hung up my skis for the summer, but a chance encounter with a photo from a blog post by Ian Tupman showed the east face of Mulhacen to be laden with the white stuff.
05 June / Mulhacen / Trip reports
Sleeping on Mulhacen’s snow-covered mountain summit isn’t everyone’s idea of a good night out but its been on my “to do” list for quite a while Throw in a six hour ascent with a heavy pack, the possibility of altitude sickness and your evening meal out of a packet and it seems even less attractive. For me though, a bivouac on the summit of Mulhacén had been on my ‘to do’ list for quite a while.
Describes an overnight camp on the summit of Spain’s highest mountain, Mulhacén, with a spectacular sunset and sunrise An overnight camp on the summit of Spain’s highest mountain, Mulhacén (3482m), in which the most spectacular sunset and sunrise were observed. A report from Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs, Sierra Nevada I quite like going “against the grain”. Ascending a mountain when everybody else is coming down (or descending a mountain before anybody else is going up for that matter!
Ryan and Emma did a self guided 5 day trip in the Sierra Nevada, starting at Guejar Sierra, crossing Mulhacén and dropping down to the Alpujarras Although this is southern Spain the Sierra Nevada should never be underestimated. We supported . They sent us in this interesting report of their experiences. As Ryan states … The experience was big, but the mountain was bigger! Start point at Guejar Sierra “I hadn’t really left after a sixteen hour day-walk around Guejar Sierra’s (GS) extended into darkness of the short autumn days.
31 March / Mulhacen / Trip reports
Mulhacen is a technically straightforward peak but high altitude (3482m) and bad weather sometimes catch people out The fact that is the highest mountain in mainland Spain provides a big attraction. There have been accidents though especially in the changeable seasons of spring and autumn. If in doubt a mountain guide should always be taken, especially when the mountain is in winter condition. Spanish Highs Mountain Guides make ascents the mountain most weeks throughout the year.
14 November / Mulhacen / Trekking / Trip reports
Guide, Jens Foell ascends the highest mountain in mainland Spain in poor weather conditions The weather forecast was looking pretty bad. Rain, rain, and yet more rain for the whole week. But Xavier Wang had come all the way from Singapore to climb Mulhacen, at 3482m the highest peak in mainland Spain. So we set off regardless, knowing we were in for a battle with the elements, and walked up to the Refugio Poqueira along the Acequia Alta.
Report of May 2012 trek in the Sierra Nevada covering all the major peaks including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera Full and interesting report from guest writer, Yvonne Holland, who returned to the Sierra Nevada in May 2012 to do a trek from Trevélez to Lanjarón, covering all the major peaks of the Sierra Nevada between the two villages, including the rarely climbed Juego de Bolos and Puntal de la Caldera.
22 September / Mulhacen / Travel / Trekking / Trip reports
Ian Tupman describes a challenging walk from the coast at Salobrena to the lofty summit of Mulhacen, highest summit in Spain. He has also supplied a great slideshow illustrating his walk. Background The Sierra Nevada as seen from the beaches of the Costa Tropical On two occasions I had driven from Salobreña on the coast to Trevélez at 1,500m in the hope of summiting Mulhacén in a one day trip.
21 August / Mulhacen / Trekking / Walking
The ascent of Mulhacen, highest peak in mainland Spain can be done in a long day in the summer. But how can you make the round trip more interesting by traversing the mountain and not covering the same ground twice? From the Alpujarras to the south the ascent of Mulhacen, highest peak in mainland Spain can be done in a long day in the summer. But how can you make the round trip more interesting by traversing the mountain and not covering the same ground twice?
When we approached Mulhacen summit, the sun broke through the horizon. All the hard effort and discomfort seemed worthwhile. We were at the highest point in mainland Spain A one am start from Lanjaron, an hours drive to the trailhead, followed by 5 hours trudge uphill through the night might not seem the best way to climb a mountain. But when we approached the summit and the sun broke through the horizon, all the hard effort and discomfort seemed well worthwhile.
James Jackson took Spanish Highs faithful hound, Max, on a night ascent of Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain. Normally this is a glorious trip seeing in the new day. But, rather than seeing the spectacular morning sunrise they had hoped for, they were met with a full on snow blizzard above 3000m. Nothing like we reported in our article “Brilliant sunrise following night ascent of Mulhacen” some time ago.
What to think about when planning your self guided winter mountaineering trip to the Sierra Nevada in Spain. A multitude of factors have to be considered. We recently assisted a group led by David Spreadborough in enjoying a somewhat mixed weather week in these mountains. How did they go on? The following article was originally posted by David on his interesting site at Thanks to him for allowing us to reproduce below.
What is it like to ski down Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain? Jens Foell has a marvelous descent in perfect powder snow conditions Report and photos from our guide, Jens Foell and clients, who found out recently after a frustrating few days weather led eventually to a marvelous descent in perfect powder snow conditions. Continues Jens…………… Jens Foell lead ski guide You might feel frustrated when you come on a ski touring holiday to the Sierra Nevada and you end up sitting out a couple of days of bad weather.
Describes a multi day trek over the highest parts of Spain taking in the highest peak, Mulhacen and the remote and quiet fortress of Alcazaba The route up the south ridge of Mulhacen from the Hoya del Portillo may not be the most exciting in the world but at least it gives a high start point. An early start meant the 8 of us avoided the searing heat of the lower Alpujarras and we had the cool of the morning for the ascent.
An alpine start followed by glorious sunrise as we summited Mulhacen, the highest mountain in mainland Spain Sometimes chance plays a part in opening up a new mountain experience. A fully booked Poqueira hut gave our party the chance of an alpine start followed by a glorious sunrise as they summited Mulhacen, at 3482m, the highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada, Spain. It started out as a routine 2 day ascent of Mulhacen.
A good weeks ski touring despite some adverse weather. The party skied Mulhacen, the highest peak in mainland Spain We have just had a week long visit by members of the Eagle Ski Club to Spain’s Sierra Nevada. A good weeks ski touring was had, despite some adverse weather affecting some of the itinerary. During the week the party skied Mulhacen, the highest peak in mainland Spain. The** Eagle Ski Club** is the UK’s largest and most active ski touring and ski mountaineering club, with over 800 members.
17 February / Mulhacen / Ski Mountaineering
Mulhacen is a magnificent ski touring peak. What ski descents are available for backcountry skiing enthusiasts? Heading up Mulhacen, Sierra Nevada As can be seen from our trail map below, there are options for all grades of skier. Easier ways for the beginner or for marginal snow conditions, and tougher runs for the more experienced on good days. Most 2 day ski tours will overnight either at the Refugio de Poqueira (guarded), or the Caldera refugio (unguarded), or even wild camp at Siete Lagunas.
Volker Krenz reports on his experiences on a 4 day high level trek climbing peaks in the Sierra Nevada The following trip report was sent in by Volker Krenz after a 4 day trek in the Sierra Nevada covering “Los Tres Miles”. This is a wonderful high altitude trek covering the major 3000m peaks in the range. We supported him in his self guided trek by dropping him off at high trailheads above Lanjaron.
Chiz Dakin gives advice about high level trekking Los Tres Miles, Sierra Nevada, Spain The following detailed report is by Chiz Dakin of Peak Images. She joined us on one of our 5 day Los Tres Miles, 3000m peak traverses, in the Sierra Nevada. It provided interesting reading and a good summary of this adventurous trek for those interested in following in her footsteps. Chiz Dakin is an award-winning professional photographer and guidebook writer, who specialises in landscape, outdoors adventure and travel photography