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Walking tours in the Sierra de Filbares
Walking tours in the Sierra de Filbares
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Bird Watching Sierra de Filbares
Bird Watching Sierra de Filbares
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Walking Tabernas with Jesus
Walking Tabernas with Jesus

Almeria Guided Birdwatching, Wildlife, Nature, Photography Tours

Almeria's Deserts, Coasts and Mountains! Wildlife, Birdwatching, Nature Tours, Safari Field Trips and Photography

Dates- Year round

Day or multi day guided tours in the wild, unknown regions of Almeria. Perfect for bird and nature watching, geology, 4WD safaris, geography field trips, history, traditions and outdoor photography. With official Wildlife Guide, Jesus Contreras

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About "Discover Almeria" Wildlife Guides

We have been fascinated by the deserts of Almeria since 2002. We run many walking day tours in the dry, arid desert badlands of Tabernas. It is wild and has an untamed feel. Imagine how excited we were when we finally met up with Jesus Contreras. This guy certainly knows his stuff! We learnt so much more about the wildlife, geology, history, traditions and culture of the region.

We were to discover that Almeria is not only the spectular desert badlands. Visitors are generally amazed to find rocky coastlines and headlands, marshes, wetlands, snow capped mountains or lakes in the middle of nowhere. All with a rich diversity of birds and wildlife in natural settings.

This collaboration between Spanish Highs and Jesus Contreras is the result

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Pick up/drop off in Granada (Alhambra area) or Lanjaron, Alpujarras

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Your Guide: Jesus Contreras

Jesus Contreras is a well known naturalist based in Almeria. He acts as a Birdwatching, Nature and Cultural guide, specialising in Almeria province. Also a writer and ornithologist in local projects. Jesus infectious enthusiasm is obvious when showing his hidden Almeria to visitors. The Filabres mountains, Cabo de Gata coastline, Sierra de Gador and Tabernas badlands await you with the service of the experienced and knowledgeable Jesus.

Jesus began officially working as a nature guide in February 2010, offering trips and tours across “hidden Almeria”. His tours use a 7 seater 4x4 vehicle, which ensure access to the most wild and marvellous places, even under poor weather conditions (other vehicles are also used for bigger groups). All the comforts you would expect are provided on trips, including an extensive library of reference books. Apart from providing an excellent guiding service, Jesus is a prime motivator in the movement to promote sustainable nature tourism and believes we, as professionals, also have a responsibility for nature.

Jesus writes

Jesus Contreras Wildlife Guide

"It is for me one of the greatest and happiest things happening in my life to be invited to join Spanish Highs, so I can be able to join the Almeria lands to this sustainable and interesting project. It has been always one of my priorities to show people how great and natural my Almeria is and how comfortable you can feel here with us, and what a high diversity of life and landscape you can find here. I have prepared for this moment for more than five years, discovering every patch of land in this part of Andalucia, and studying every bird, insect or plant existing here, so that I now feel absolutely equipped to develop my activity with you, making you feel at home in this area and in my company, enjoying Almeria and Andalucia in a different way, specially prepared for you".

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