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Trip Reports from Spain’s Sierra Nevada mountains

The Spanish 3000s – crossing "Los Tres Miles"

A crossing of the main Sierra Nevada ridge and picking up as many of the 3000m tops as possible always provides for an entertaining and enjoyable 4 or 5 days trekking. This year however, due to the amount of winter snows still remaining, the trek is even more of a challenge.

There are several ways to do it. The normal northerly start point is Jerez de Marsquesado, a small town south of Guadix. In the south Lanjarón is the most convenient base. It is more routinely done north to south.

Ronald Turnbull recently visited the area and did the trek starting at Guejar Sierra to eventually attain the first 3000m top of the Picón de Jerez.… Read the rest

Escape the rat race by high level trekking in the Sierra Nevada

[tboot_alert color=”success”]William and Jolanda wanted to escape civilisation, people, phones and busy jobs. With plenty of snow still remaining an 8 day trek in the Sierra Nevada seemed as good a way as any. To avoid the busy (relatively speaking) areas around Mulhacén and Veleta we split the 8 days into 2 treks of 4 days each.[/tboot_alert]

The first 4 days would be spent exploring the remote and quiet northerly 3000m mountains. The second 4 days would be a circuit of the mountains to the south west finishing in our home town of Lanjarón in the Alpujarras.

William and Jolanda were in no rush. The requirement was for peace and quiet, spending time out relaxing in superb mountain scenery. We weren’t out to break records!… Read the rest

Moderate hiking route over Las Alegas to Puente Palo in the Sierra Nevada

[tboot_alert color=”success”]A moderately graded, varied and interesting summer day’s hiking route in the Sierra Nevada. As it is linear it does need the benefit of a friendly driver to help with the transport. It utilises a high vehicle track and a direct climb to gain height rapidly. Then comes a delightful descent down through pine trees and crossing streams before  meeting a forest track above Puente Palo.[/tboot_alert]

The Rio Chico

The Rio Chico

This is a 10.81 km Walk in Capileira, Spain. The walk has a total ascent of 402m and has a maximum elevation of 2,699m. Descent of nearly 1000m. Full route map below.

  • Drop off is on the high road to the La Piuca refuge on the western side of the Poqueira valley high above Capileira
  • Ascend dry barranco to it’s head and eventual meeting with the south ridge of Las Alegas
  • Follow the ridge north to the summit of Las Alegas (2700m)
  • Walk north for 300m before dropping down left on pathless terrain to join a rough track
  • Follow the intermittent track SW alongside the mountain dropping gradually to the Refugio Cebollar (ruin)
  • Follow the nearly level trail towards the prominent rocks
  • A track goes back alongside the upper edge of the forest.
Read the rest

Skiing off the highest mountain in southern Spain in June!

“You are joking. Skiing in June, southern Spain, 2 hours from Marbella. Never”, they said disbelievingly when I outlined my cunning plan. I like a challenge so set out to prove them wrong.

A report from Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs

Well, we have had a superb snow year in the Sierra Nevada and at the beginning of June the snow on some faces still lay deep and consolidated. To be honest I had hung up my skis for the summer, but a chance encounter with a photo from a blog post by Ian Tupman showed the east face of Mulhacen to be laden with the white stuff. The plan began to form.


Due to the heat I imagined that the descent would have to be done very early in the morning before the lower slopes turned into slushy mush.… Read the rest

A night at the Mulhacén Hilton

Sleeping on a snow-covered mountain summit isn’t everyone’s idea of a good night out. Throw in a six hour ascent with a heavy pack, the possibility of altitude sickness and your evening meal out of a packet and it seems even less attractive. For me though, a bivouac on the summit of Mulhacén had been on my ‘to do’ list for quite a while.

A trip report from Ian Tupman

The prospect of seeing both the sunset and the sunrise from the highest point on the Spanish mainland was tantalizing so when Richard and Kiersten from Spanish Highs invited me to join them recently, I jumped at the opportunity. We were accompanied by our friend Pepe and the Spanish Highs dogs, Khumbu and Kyra.… Read the rest