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Life in the deep freeze

We spent an extremely cold November night in a refuge in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hard to believe that this was in fact southern Spain!

In the Sierra Nevada mountains of southern Spain we can expect some bad weather in November. This is normally the month when the major snows fall. We had a three day crossing of the mountain range booked for four clients in the last week of the month. Up to then we had “endured” endless days of blue skies and sunshine.

Climbing up to Posiciones near Veleta (3394m)

Climbing up to Posiciones near Veleta (3394m)

Sod’s law then, that we started off, from the Hoya de la Mora on the northern slopes of Veleta above the Sierra Nevada ski area, just as the grey skies turned darker and the mists started to descend.… Read the rest

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Wild night bivouac at the Refugio de Caballo, Sierra Nevada

Our group spent a rather wild 2 days ascending to the Refugio de Caballo with the intent to do some winter mountaineering in the area. In the event, strong winds and severe icing had them beating a retreat for the valley the following day.

Thanks to Ian Tupman, from the Costa Tropical who sent in this report about his night at the hut and how the newly restored hut coped with the extreme conditions. I have passed this onto Acción Sierra Nevada for further restoration projects this coming summer. Thanks Ian!

Below you can see a video from the same expedition that shows the ferocity of the winds to good effect.


We arrived on the afternoon of December 16.… Read the rest

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Tajos Altos, the hidden mountain of the Sierra Nevada

Tajos Altos is a somewhat reclusive mountain. From the west of the Sierras and the vega of Granada it is just a small lump on a long, seemingly flat ridge. From the north and south it is prominent, but often mistaken for Veleta, the Pico del Cartujo or some other more well known peak. But it is in fact a superb mountain in it’s own right.

Depending on which map you use Tajos Altos can be difficult to identify. Sometimes it is just a series of high points on the long ridge running from Pico del Cartujo to the Cerro de Caballo. Sometimes it is marked as a particular point, incorrectly in my opinion! The Tajos Altos I know and love is the prominent “mountain” looking mountain (if you understand what I mean?).… Read the rest

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An initiative to restore, clean and repair the Refugio de Caballo

The Refugio de Caballo is in a spectacular and majestic setting high above the Lanjaron valley just below the summit of the Cerro de Caballo (3009m). It is used in both summer and winter as a place to spend the night.

More information at Mountain refugios and shelters of the Sierra Nevada

Refugio de Caballo

Refugio de Caballo

During last winter we noticed a deterioration of the refuge. The door had come off it’s hinges and the window areas were worsening and becoming open to the elements. More horrifically, the place was strewn with debris and rubbish left by those “mountain lovers” who had been staying there.

This has prompted a response by local folk from Lanjarón, who are planning to repair and clean up the refuge during this coming summer.… Read the rest

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