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Planning a weeks mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada mountains

What to think about when planning your self guided winter mountaineering trip to the Sierra Nevada in Spain. A multitude of factors have to be considered. We recently assisted a group led by David Spreadborough in enjoying a somewhat mixed weather week in these mountains. How did they go on?

The following article was originally posted by David on his interesting site at http://spreadys.wordpress.com/. Thanks to him for allowing us to reproduce below. The article gives important hints and information to consider when planning a winter trip here. Also links to resources used. You will also find a great video of the trip below

“Well then, where do I start?

The big challenge in organizing this year’s winter expedition was finding somewhere that lived up to the evolved aspirations of people joining one of our adventures.… Read the rest

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A mountaineering traverse of the Raspones ridge in the Sierra Nevada

A recent report on a rare mountaineering traverse of the Raspones de Rio Seco in Spains Sierra Nevada by Gary Brown and his friends of the “Geezers of Croydon” MC. No idea if any Brit/Irish has done this before. Maybe a first British/Irish winter ascent?

The Geezers on the ridge crest

The Geezers on the ridge crest

“We reached the crest of the ridge around the 2767m mark, just before the start of the rocky peaks, within 90 minutes of leaving the Poqueira Hut. In the interest of moving quickly we decided to proceed unroped, which was easy at first and mainly on snow, traversing the ridge avoiding the crests of some of the lower initial rock sections. Soon though we came upon the first awkward section, a rocky step down and across a gap with a steep drop on either side.… Read the rest

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Experiencing all the seasons in one week of winter mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

Beth and Stephen from Leeds came to the Sierra Nevada with a clear idea of what they wanted to do: winter climbing and mountaineering. However, just after they arrived we met for a drink in Lanjaron: the sun was shining and it was 26C. Up in the mountains that meant the snow was melting fast, whilst the more sheltered North faces were still inaccessible to the high avalanche risk. So our first day climbing was spent in T-shirts rather than belay jackets as we went rock climbing instead.

Report from Jens Foell
All photos courtesy of Stephen and Bethany Lovell

On the Tajos de la Virgen ridge

On the Tajos de la Virgen ridge

As the weather forecast promised a marked drop in temperatures we went up to the Poqueira hut the next day.… Read the rest

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Ice Climbing possibilities in Spain’s Sierra Nevada

If you like me thought the Sierra Nevada too devoid of water to provide much good ice climbing, then you will be pleasantly surprised. A new book by Antonio Jose Herrera and edited by Nevandasis S.L outlines locations throughout the Sierra Nevada that ice climbing can reliably be performed.

We have often climbed at the Cascada de los Milatares at the Hoya de la Mora above the ski centre, but had no idea that so many other locations were possible. The new guidebook is a welcome addition. It has very good colour photos and descriptions (although all in spanish) and describes access and climbs well. See photos below and on our Photo Gallery section

Ice Climbing Book Sierra NevadaThe areas it includes are:
Cascadas del Alhori
Cascada de los Milatares
Chorreras del Molinillo
Cascadas de Aguas Verdes
Cascadas del Guarnon
Cascadas del Valdecasillas
Cascadas del Goteron

The book can be bought from Deportes Nomadas at Durcal (online also) or online from other spanish retailers.… Read the rest

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Surviving Patagonia 2010

A report from Kiersten Rowland about her harrowing experiences on the Patagonian Icecap in November 2010. Not exactly a sparkling advertisement for joining us back there in 2012!

Two taxis arrive to take us to the trailhead at Rio Electrico. From the trailhead we walk a few hours through a forest to our camp at Los Troncos. You have to pay a small fee as you pass over private land, but on the plus side there is a small cabin where its your last chance to get food and drink. We did treat ourselves to one last bottle of wine, but I could not pursuade the others to one last pizza!

The next day we move on to camp at La Playita (the beach).

Read the rest
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