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Video from our Patagonian Icecap Expedition 2011

This year our expedition was blessed by windless and sunny conditions, unusual on the Patagonian Icecap. A far cry from the year before. We managed to complete the full itinerary and had some of the most amazing mountain and wilderness views any of us had ever seen.

Here is a short 10 minute video from the trip. I can’t wait to return. The place is infectious! Consequently we are taking bookings for 2012. Have a look at our Patagonian Icecap webpage for details.

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Oh, Patagonia, to leave you we shall weep!

Poem by Michelle Wakeley about her time spent on our recent Southern Patagonian Icecap Expedition.


Finally, in El Chalten we arrive
To face this southern cap of ice
Our team of six come from far & wide
Would we achieve her illusive prize?

On the vast icecap below Paso Marconi

On the vast icecap below Paso Marconi

The Patagonian gods mocked us with a sunny display
Only to veil Cerro Fitzroy & Torre for days
But with better reports, a little patience,
We were on our way.

Across tangeled forests & boulders
Condors welcomed us in full view
Held by icy winds, La Playita became our refuge
And so, the resident mouse did too!

A short delay, we tiptoed our way up the Marconi
Grumbling avalanches & spin drift ahead
Onward & upward we battled to her icy bowels
Sure signs the gods weren’t dead!… Read the rest

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The best snow wall construction to eliminate drifting on the leeward side

Sometimes a basic snow wall is not sufficient to keep the elements at bay. The wind can drop spindrift on the leeward side thus burying the tents. Is there a solution in the way we can construct snow walls that would make them more efficient?

I asked this question on the Worldwide Expedition professional group on LinkedIn

Hastily erected snow walls

Hastily erected snow walls

Last year on the Patagonian Icecap we built snow walls as normal. In high winds spindrift gets dumped on the leeward side when the wind hits irregularities in the surface ie snow walls. This gave another problem in that we had good snow walls but the tents behind them got buried! Do you think there is any way the shape or construction of the wall can be improved to eliminate this occurrence?Read the rest

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Surviving Patagonia 2010

A report from Kiersten Rowland about her harrowing experiences on the Patagonian Icecap in November 2010. Not exactly a sparkling advertisement for joining us back there in 2012!

Two taxis arrive to take us to the trailhead at Rio Electrico. From the trailhead we walk a few hours through a forest to our camp at Los Troncos. You have to pay a small fee as you pass over private land, but on the plus side there is a small cabin where its your last chance to get food and drink. We did treat ourselves to one last bottle of wine, but I could not pursuade the others to one last pizza!

The next day we move on to camp at La Playita (the beach).

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The Climax is the Coming Back from a Dangerous Place.

A summary of the Spanish Highs Patagonian Icecap Expedition 2010 which has just returned from Argentina.

We must have upset the weather gods. Unlike previous trips, this time Patagonia threw everything it had as us weather wise. Like other Argentine groups we sat for 3 or more days at La Playita campsite waiting for our chance to climb onto the icecap. During that time we were nearly blown away in gale force winds, got snowed in and once when flooded, had to build drainage diches in the middle of the night to allow excess water to escape.

Reaching the icecap as the sun drops low in the evening sky

Reaching the icecap as the sun drops low in the evening sky

A brief weather window arrived and some parties made it to the Garcia Soto hut beneath Gorra Blanca.… Read the rest

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