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Expedition Trip Report Patagonian Icecap November 2014

A trip report, photos and video links together with some personal thoughts, recommendations and musings after this years expedition to the Patagonian Icecap in November 2014 (by Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs)


The original plan to visit the “nunateks” of Witte and Viedma had to be cancelled due to warm and dangerous snow conditions. Instead we reverted to the normal traverse down the icecap from the Paso Marconi to Paso del Viento. This was completed in generally good weather and light winds (for Patagonia!) with the loss of only 2 days to the weather.

Google Earth Fly Through of the Route

Taken from our GPS track. Thanks to team member Ian Tupman for the video


Access to the Icefield

Day 1 – To Piedra del Fraile

The normal drizzle greeted us on day 1 as we had an afternoon walk to the Piedra del Fraile.… Read the rest

On Thursday we begin our 2014 Patagonian Icecap Adventure

Thursday we leave for Argentina and one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, the Patagonian Icecap. Who knows what adventures it will bring? What surprises it has in store for us?

It’s been a long time coming, our last trip was in 2011 (and what a glorious expedition that was!). This year we attempt the “Ruta de las Nunataks”, a rarely done route. We could only find one reference to it on the internet. This route visits Nunatak Witte and Nunatak Viedma traversing down the western side of the great “Campo de Hielo Continental Sur” Icefield. From that icefield (the largest outside of the polar regions) hundreds of glaciers feed the pampas of Argentina and westwards to the fiords of Chile, including the famous Perito Moreno, Viedma and Upsala glaciers.… Read the rest

The Kamchatka Expedition Part 6 – Last few days in Russia

Part 6 and final report from Kiersten Rowland’s on our April 2013 expedition to Kamchatka with Berghaus to ski volcanoes

Autumn is arriving here in Spain and another expedition is fast approaching so I thought it’s about time I finished this Kamchatka blog before the Patagonia expedition arrives.

Back to the centre of migration.

Back to the centre of migration.

24th April :- Richard’s birthday today and we have to go back to Petropavlovsk to the Centre of Migration for him to get his finger prints taken which they forgot to do last time. Elena arrives and we all head off for a tourist day in Petropavlovsk. It’s a grey drizzly day. We get the local bus into Yelizovo, then swap buses to get to Petropavlovsk. First stop is the Centre of Migration where Richard not only gets his finger prints taken but also his palm print!!!… Read the rest

The Kamchatka Expedition Part 5 – The escape and a very long bus ride

Part 5 of Kiersten Rowland’s report on our April 2013 expedition to Kamchatka with Berghaus to ski volcanoes

It’s now summer in Andalucia and the heat of August has made me decide it’s time to venture back to the freezer known as Kamchatka to cool myself down and try and get this story finished. Some of the photos in this post are again courtesy of Martin Hartley, who has now returned from his expedition in the Arctic.

22nd April :- -22C at 7.30am the day of escape. Everything is frozen solid. Trying to pack the gear away in these temperatures is very difficult. Everything you touch you end up being covered in ice. The tent is emptied and backpacks are packed by 8am, can’t hang around in these temperatures.… Read the rest

The Kamchatka Expedition Part 4 – Deteriorating weather

Part 4 of Kiersten Rowland’s report on our April 2013 expedition to Kamchatka with Berghaus to ski volcanoes

Here we are onto part 4 of the expedition. Most of the photos are Martin’s, there were difficult times and photos were not on our minds, but obviously Martin was the expedition photographer, it was his job to capture life in camp. I’m sure you will agree he did a great job.

18th April :- Woke up to a frozen tent and no wind! Richard feeling better. After breakfast Martin did some Berghaus shots of Richard, I went along to take photos and learn from an expert. Crazy landscape everything has turned black and white from the ash. Makes Richards bright Berghaus gear look great though.… Read the rest