Rock Scrambling on the Peñon de la Mata, Sierra de Huetor, Andalucía

Sometimes, quite by chance one comes across a gem. I had been on the summit of the Peñon de la Mata (1669m) before, but had failed to recognise the scrambling possibilities. This time there was to be no mistake.

The 5 of us parked as close to the peak as we could get, which left us an easy 45 minute amble to the start of the rocks. Away to the south of the col the Sierra Nevada gleamed white after the fresh snowfall of the past days.

Long rock scrambling routes

Not knowing exactly what we were in for we donned helmets and harnesses.  Although we were all experienced scramblers and used to exposed terrain a rope was packed away, but handy.

We picked a line on the NE side which gave continuous scrambling for some 300m. All on good clean limestone. Perfect!

Sections could be by-passed or taken as required. Three of us decided on some exciting lines that gave some entertaining and very exposed moves (we named our route “Los Tres Amigos”!). On one occasion the situation warranted the use of the rope to protect the crossing of a gap. The others preferred more relaxed fare and eventually joined us at the summit having made their own way. And I guess that is what scrambling is all about? Finding a rocky route to a fine summit at whatever grade you feel relaxed at.

Grade? Between 1 to 3(S) scrambling with some moderate rock climbing thrown in if desired.

After lunch it was off round on a tour of the peak before returning to the cars, Cogollos Vega, Alfacar and eventually back for some welcome beers in Lanjarón. A great mountain day.

We shall be running regular day tours to scramble on Peñon de la Mata. Let us know if you are interested?

Photos and videos below.


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