Guided Splitboarding backcountry adventures arrive in the Sierra Nevada this winter

For Snowboarders, now there is a great way to enjoy backcountry touring in the winter mountains! In the Sierra Nevada we have an ideal area to split-board. With no glaciers to worry about, good snowsure conditions, and great weather from December to May, the Sierra Nevada is one of Europe’s best areas to learn the basics of travelling through the high mountains on a splitboard.

Splitboard the Sierras

Splitboard the Sierras

For those of you that have never heard of a splitboard before, it is essentially a snowboard that splits into skis for ascents with the use of climbing skins and is reformed back into a Snowboard for descents.It gives the snowboarder the ability to tour without the need of ascent skis or snow shoes in deep powder conditions.

We are bringing this to the Sierra Nevada this coming winter through the guiding of  husband and wife team Warwick and Julia Pickering.

Warwick worked for many seasons in the French Alps developing his ski mountaineering ability before crossing the sport with Julia’s love of snowboarding.

Warwick and Julia Pickering

Warwick and Julia Pickering

Julia is qualified outdoor professional as well as a snowboard mountaineer and sponsored athlete. They have both previously worked as arctic snowmobile guides and have recently returned from a successful venture into the remote mountains of East Greenland accomplishing many spectacular first ascents and descents.

Now snowboarders will have the chance to follow our highly successful ski touring adventures here in the Sierra Nevada.

More information about the Splitboarding tours.

Split board in action

Split board in action

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