Exclusive first look at La Sportiva’s new ski touring boot and ski range

La Sportiva Stratos Ski Mountaineering Boots

An exclusive glimpse at the new ski touring range from La Sportiva. including boots, skis skins and bindings, that will be stores and available for next winter 2011/1012.

I have been using La Sportiva mountaineering boots now for the last 20 years. It comes as no surprise then that I am really looking forward to getting my hands (or rather feet) on the new range of ski touring boots that the manufacturer intends to release for next winter 2011/2012.

Some manufactuers boots just never seem to work with me. For instance, Dynafit boots always give me problems, whilst Garmont boots fit like a glove. La Sportiva (based on my affection for the mountain boots) should be an exciting product for me.

La Sportiva Stratos Ski Mountaineering Boots

Stratos ski touring boots

The ski touring boot range starts with the carbon fibre “Stratos”. Incredibly lightweight at just over 534g (size 26). These are aimed at the competition or extreme skier and have all sorts of features designed to personalise the boot with the individual. It might take you quite a while to work out all the settings and get the fit that suits your style, both going up and down, best.

Along with the usual boot features of vibram sole, easy fastenings and micro adjustment, there are 6 positions of inclination and a superwarm thermal inner boot. They are also compatible with every sort of binding systems on the market. Sure to become a leader for the competitive skier. Oh and also ………… they look good too!

La Sportivas Spitfire ski touring boot

The Spitfire

Next in line comes the “Spitfire” with it’s bright yellow livery. At only 950g (size 26)  it still fits into the lightweight category in my opinion. Designed to cross over between the world of the competition skier and the experienced ski tourer.

The boot has a Fast Lock System incorporating Vertebra Technology and the new Piston Closure System. What does all this mean? Well bascially, as far as I can gather, it enables rapid closure with precise adjustment to regulate the uphill, downhill and walking modes. More comfort, micro adjustment, 4 modes of boot inclination. Must try some of these out.

The red “Sideral” is the next step down. Aimed at the recreational ski tourer of all grades. The boot still incorporates all the Fast Lock System features of the “Spitfire”. Comes in slightly heavier at 1065g (size 26)

The company has also provided a uniquely female boot too. The light blue “Starlet” at 980g, also incorporating the Fast Lock System and designed to meet the requirements of the fairer sex.

RSR skis

RSR skis

Finally, La Sportiva launches a new 6 ski range, headed up by the Ultralight Competition ski called the RSR and weighing in at only 695g! When also fitted out with the new RSR binding at a remarkable 123g you will find yourself running up those mountains.

For me, I think I’m sticking to the more robust and heavier (just like me?) mid range gear. I will have much more details and some test reports early next winter when we have a chance to get hold of the new range.

If you want more information or wish to buy a pair in southern Spain then Guillermo at Deportes Nomadas in Durcal, near Granada’s Sierra Nevada, will be supplying the whole range. I would make contact with him sooner rather than later as I’m sure these exiting products are set to become winners and market leaders!

We shall also be getting some models to try/buy for next winter so you can either join one of our Sierra Nevada ski touring weeks or email me for more information.

The Sideral ski boot

The Sideral ski boot

The Starlet ski boot

The Starlet ski boot

The RSR lightweight binding system

The RSR lightweight binding system

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  1. Michael Welp November 7, 2011 at 11:53 pm #

    How do you think the Sideral’s will be for feet that are wider? Garmont fits me well. Dynafit I am told is too narrow.

    • admin November 8, 2011 at 9:07 am #

      I have quite wide feet and Dynafit dont feel so comfy for me but the Garmonts are perfect. La Sportiva boots have always felt good too although personally I havent tried the Sideral out yet.

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