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Cameron M – Mulhacen Ascent (6th December 2016)

We just completed a 2 day trek to the highest point in Spains mainland with Spanish Highs. This was such an amazing experience and to make it even better the guides Felipe and Nick were the best. When the times got tough Felipe and Nick got the group going and our entire group summited. We felt in safe hands the whole time and the view from the top was worth the slog. Highly recommend them!

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Kennith B – Mulhacen (6th December 2016)

Going up to climb Mulhacen, Spain’s highest main land mountain…and quite high for Europe. I did it over two days. 1000m up day one, 1000m up day two, 2000m down day two.

Everything wasn’t a problem, email and the answer was almost straight back.

Walking. Don’t get me wrong, you need to put in the effort, but you will be rewarded,

A camera is a must. The views are spectacular. Clouds at 2000m and you are at 3500m.. Sunrise next day… Imagine the ground can’t see what you see.

Be prepare to wear snow shows… never done that before. still got to the summit and never went over the side, but you do walk differently.

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Marilia – (Birthday on Mulhacen November 2016)

We made a two day climb of peak Mulhacen for my 50th birthday. It was a great experience! Everything was perfect! The guides, Filipe and Nick, were very nice, helpful, supportive, and fun ☺

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Nick via Trip Advisor (Alpujarras Walking, May 2016)

“Knowledgeable and friendly guided walking”

I had never taken a guided walk before so I didn’t really know what to expect, nor if I’d enjoy spending hours each day in the company of complete strangers. How would they deal with a fairly taciturn client who was quite happy walking several miles in complete silence..?

I jest… Richard’s company is first class and I need not have worried. He has a well chosen roster of seasoned professionals who, aside from being excellent guides to the stunning area, are extremely personable, friendly and totally sensitive to the client’s walking styles.

I was fortunate to be accompanied by four different guides over the course of a week (Kiersten, Victoria, José and Andrew). All had warm, interesting personalities and were completely different but each an absolute pleasure to spend a day with in the mountains.

The walking can be as hard or as soft as you like. They instinctively know how to gently push you beyond your usual limits and the walking was invariably stunning and varied.

These people love this area and it was an honour to share their knowledge of, and their passion for the mountains – book with confidence, you’ll be well looked-after.

Highly recommended.

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Kriston Renshaw (Via Trip Advisor March 2016)

To kick start my interest in climbing mountains I decided to go with Spanish Highs for 4 days. Not wanting to sound too dramatic, but it was quite possibly one of the most important decisions of my life.

Up until arrival I had contact with Richard with any questions or worries I had. I arrived in Lanjaron, which is probably is the cutest village ever…probably because it reminds me of home on the Isle of Man. – with Spring water in the taps and on the street.

That evening I met Richard and Kiersten, we had a beer and a chat. Very warm and very friendly with a great sense of humour. I instantly felt comfortable.

There were some issues which I spoke to Richard about and these were instantly solved…Richard is a man of solutions!

Next day we met for breakfast, had a chat and then headed out for Low Mountain Training with Richard – learning how to use ropes on ascent and rescue fellows from crevasse. I learned knots, techniques and how to appreciate such a perfect view. We had ‘some’ beers later that evening and the company was very warm with ‘interesting’ and flowing conversation.

The following day, Filip took us out higher up to use crampons, snowshoes, avalanche assessment. I could see the angry peak of Veleta with the snow drifting off….she looked beautiful. Also learned some meteorology and cloud formations. We even went to visit the local Buddhist Temple.

Day three and four with Victoria – very professional with an epic sense of humour. We attempted a Summit of Veleta but unfortunately, the weather took a turn which meant we were unable to move to an unmanned refuge and rough it up. The guides at Spanish Highs have the experience to make choices to ensure your safety, listen to them. I stayed lower down in a manned refuge for the night.

Day four, we set off early and shoeshoed up to Veleta. It was hard work and challenging following a professional skier up a mountain. We made it up in very good time and the summit was still with no wind. It was perfect. Took pictures, ate, took more pictures, stared at the mountains and clouds below. It was perfect… Something inside of me just clicked, I can’t explain.

We came back to base, had some beers and a chat. Made sure I was ok and wished me farewell.

Like a Family
Not one day did I feel like an outsider. It was like being part of an extended family… It literally felt like home. I would like to say with Spanish Highs, I made some friends…and when I return with my boots, I will be visiting Lanjaron and be greeting them as friends.

The Future…
Every Icecapped mountain I will climb, Richard, Kiersten, Filip and Victoria will ring out in my mind – with them at Spanish Highs they gave me the confidence to move that leg higher and forward on dangerous ground.

Thanks guys!! See you soon.

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jewel90 via Trip Advisor (Vereda de Estrella walk, Dec 2015)

“Still on a high, 24 hours after the walk”

My family were looking forward to snowshoeing in the Sierra Nevada. However, there was an unprecedented lack of snow for the time of year, and Richard offered to refund our deposit in full or put it towards a hike in the mountains. We went on the Vereda de Estrella trail. From the start of information gathering to the booking, Richard was wonderful to communicate with, with prompt and professional replies to each email.

We met our guide, Victoria, and immediately warmed to her. She was very attentive to our needs and pace throughout the whole 6.5 hour hike. She shared her passion and enthusiasm for the mountains, and was a fountain of knowledge. She is such a lovely, amazing and energetic person.

We had a great day. The disappointment of not being able to snowshoe very quickly dispersed, thanks to Victoria and the mountains. It was just mind-blowing to be amongst such stunning majestic mountains. Sierra Nevada, Vereda de Estrella and Victoria, will always have a special place in my familys’ hearts.

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Sezlowe via Trip Advisor (Cumbres Verdes, November 2015)

Richard took me and my partner on a fantastic day out in the Cumbres Verdes. Started with an ascent of Trevenque which is a fantastic rocky peak. We then descended down through pine forests on meandering forest tracks and then completed a circuit back to where we started. Richard was a great guide and led us on a very varied route with stunning views. Would recommend Spanish Highs

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CaraCraig via Trip Advisor (High Peaks, Sierra Nevada Sept 2015)

Fourteen of us just back from a week in the Sierra Nevada Mountains organised by Spanish Highs. One of our best trips ever. Climbed Mulhacen, Alcazaba, Veletta and Cerro del Caballo with one overnight in Pogueira refuge. Stayed in Lanjaron in Hotel Espana. Spanish Highs is exceptional. Everything was organised to perfection. Richard the owner and the guides were absolutely brilliant. We cant praise them enough. Nothing could have been better. If you want an awesome trip professionally organised with a personal touch then Spanish Highs is the company to go for. You wont be disappointed. A superb trip by a superb company!!

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Arnold Timmerman via Trip Advisor (Mulhacen July 2015)

“High quality tailor made guiding”
Loved having Richard from Spanish Highs take us into the big mountains. He made sure we got the best experience out of the Mulhacen climb. Loads of experience, customizing for the client, inspirational ideas, loving to share his ‘backyard’ with anyone who’s up for a new adventure… needless to say, I will definitely be back for more.

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Teekoom via Trip Advisor (Mulhacen and Veleta July 2015)

Mullhacen and Veleta with Spanish Highs

I spent almost a month touring Spain all-around in June/July. Already when I was planning my journey at home I decided to do some hiking at Sierra Nevada. Because I’ve never been there before I searched for a guided hike. Found then Spanish Highs and their very informative website. Richard answered really quick to my mail and everything with the arrangements went so well with him.

I did two hikes ( one/day ): one to Mullhacen and the other to Veleta and los Machos.The views were fantastic and thanks to my guides ( Felipe first day, Victoria second day ) I walked routes that I would never been able to find by myself. So I really recommend these lovely, easy-going professionals, you get so much more of your hike with them.

I’m already planning my next journey:-) I’d like to do 3-5 days hike at the mountains. Muchas gracias a todos! ( Victoria, Richard y Felipe )

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