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Mountain Pro Magazine – October 2016

Mountain Pro Magazine write up on Spanish Highs by David Lintern

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Great Outdoors Magazine November 2016







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Richard Hartley in Kamchartka in Lifesystems Advert

A photo of Spanish Highs owner, Richard Hartley appeared in a recent advertisement for Lifesystems. The photo was taken in April 2013 on an expedition to Kamchatka by top polar photographer, Martin Hartley.
Richard Lifesystems Advert

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Gibraltar-Based Weather4Mountain Provides Crucial Support To Climbers

Article “Your Gibraltar TV”

Weather4Mountain uses a code that allows as much weather data as possible to be conveyed into a short message, ideal for delivery by SMS to a SAT phone or Tracker.  Although the business is just a few months old, albeit with Stephanie’s 28-year Met Office career under her belt, Adventure Partners isn’t the only company indebted to Weather4Mountain’s insights.  Richard Hartley, owner of Sierra Nevada-based Spanish Highs Mountain Guides, helped Stephanie devise the code and put it to the test on an expedition to the Patagonia ice caps last winter.

For ten consecutive days, a bespoke three-day forecast was sent in code from Gibraltar to Richard’s Yellow Brick Tracker, with the aim of identifying a weather window which would get the team safely onto the Marconi Glacier.  Weather4Mountain was able to monitor the team’s altitude and exact position via the Tracker and tailor the forecast to their current position.  The expedition was a success with the Marconi Glacier and expedition goals achieved safely.  Richard tweeted:  “Appreciate the help of @MeteoGib in sending us daily mountain weather forecasts.  Couldn’t have done this without you!”

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Premaqueta th25 Ecoturismo en Andalucía (Jan 2015)

A photo of ours was published in the magazine “Premaqueta th25 Ecoturismo en Andalucía” in January 2015. Shows a recent ski tour on Las Alegas

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Mountain Adventures Overseas Magazine (Jan 2015)

Trail Magazine wrote a revised article about a trip here to sample Tajos de los Machos. The article featuring our guide, Richard Hartley, appeared in the supplement “Mountain Adventures Overseas” published in January 2015

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Ski Kamchatka Sidetracked Magazine – report from Julia Pickering

A report from Julia Pickering written for Sidetracked Magazine in summer 2014. Includes photos of Spanish Highs owner Richard Hartley skiing through the lunar landscapes of the incredible Kluchevskoy Sopka volcano.


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Newspaper article and radio interview about Chris Stewart’s walk

Newspaper article in “Sur in English” about Chris Stewarts Integral de los Tres Miles” walk for charity in the Sierra Nevada and the involvement of Spanish Highs.

The charity was Acompalia. Visit their website

Sur in English 3 June 2014

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Berghaus Winter Extreme Catalog Jan 2014

Well done to both Julia Pickering (in purple) and Spanish Highs very own Kiersten Rowland (in yellow) for appearing in the latest Berghaus Extreme Clothing Catalog. Photo from Kamchatka 2013

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Berghaus Homepage Photos

Both Richard Hartley and Kiersten Rowland appearing on the Berghhaus homepage in a feature for the new Autumn and Winter Clothing collection 2013/2014. Filmed in Kamchatka, Russia April 2013.

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