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Great Outdoors Magazine November 2016







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Richard Hartley in Kamchartka in Lifesystems Advert

A photo of Spanish Highs owner, Richard Hartley appeared in a recent advertisement for Lifesystems. The photo was taken in April 2013 on an expedition to Kamchatka by top polar photographer, Martin Hartley.
Richard Lifesystems Advert

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Pete Syme (Patagonia Nov 2014)

Patagonia 3 week ice cap expedition expertly led by Richard Hartley of Spanish Highs Mountaineering. The expedition was successful in crossing the ice cap. The secondary aim of climbing one of the many rarely climbed peaks on the ice cap was cancelled due to lots of fresh deep wet snow causing avalanches. This was or second visit to Patagonia in the last two years it is a stunning location well worth the long journey. It is challenging and enough time should be allowed to deal with the weather which dictates what can and cannot be attempted. We were lucky on this expedition that we experienced a great weather window.

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Ian Tupman (Patagonian Icecap 2014)

Just a quick one to say a big ‘Thank You’ for organising and leading such a successful and enjoyable trip. I have some wonderful memories that, barring the onset of Alzheimer’s, will stay with me for ever!

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Ski Kamchatka Sidetracked Magazine – report from Julia Pickering

A report from Julia Pickering written for Sidetracked Magazine in summer 2014. Includes photos of Spanish Highs owner Richard Hartley skiing through the lunar landscapes of the incredible Kluchevskoy Sopka volcano.


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Frank Tschope (Patagonian Icefield Jan 2014)

My tactics going only in low winds and also using a satellite messenger for receiving the weather forecast proved to be essential for getting through the icefield without risking to loose the tent! (This was advised by Richard from Spanish Highs to me! So very helpful and maybe life-saving advice!)

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Brett Wakeley (Patagonian Icecap)

Still, my most memorable adventure to date, and largely thanks to your good leadership and an incredible team. Anyone “half thinking” of doing this should pull their finger out and do it, it's the closest you'll get to a polar experience.

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Michelle Wakeley (Patagonia Icecap)

Thank you Richard Hartley, Kiersten Rowland, Tracy Coote, Chris Wilcox and Brett Wakeley for being awesome team mates.

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Michelle Wakeley (Patagonian Icecap)

We spent 5 days in El Chalten awaiting a good weather window doing 4x hikes, 1x 5-pitch multipitch climb, 1 bouldering afternoon and tons of eating and drinking. Then 10 days traversing the ice-cap, surrounded by formidable mountains, walking up and down glaciers, falling into crevasses, crossing icy rivers, melting snow for water and sleeping on ice and under the stars. Best adventure yet!!!

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Ann and Doug Rowland (re Patagonian Icecap Expedition)

Wow! What an achievement. Many congratulations to you all and to Richard in particular for safely getting you there and back. He certainly is a master at what he does!! We were able to follow you every step of the way with that fantastic tracker system. The updates were helpful to because we could actually read about what you were doing and where you were.

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