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Fredrik Hjorth (Alpine Intro Course Feb 2016)

Richard Hartley and Jens Foell, a big thank you for the excellent training we had with you in February. It was an essential part of my ability to reach the highest peak in Sweden in challenging conditions. I look forward to come back to you again for tres picos and more. I can strongly recommend anyone who is interested in alpinism to go and train with Spanish Highs. You guys rock!
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Kriston Renshaw (Via Trip Advisor March 2016)

To kick start my interest in climbing mountains I decided to go with Spanish Highs for 4 days. Not wanting to sound too dramatic, but it was quite possibly one of the most important decisions of my life.

Up until arrival I had contact with Richard with any questions or worries I had. I arrived in Lanjaron, which is probably is the cutest village ever…probably because it reminds me of home on the Isle of Man. – with Spring water in the taps and on the street.

That evening I met Richard and Kiersten, we had a beer and a chat. Very warm and very friendly with a great sense of humour. I instantly felt comfortable.

There were some issues which I spoke to Richard about and these were instantly solved…Richard is a man of solutions!

Next day we met for breakfast, had a chat and then headed out for Low Mountain Training with Richard – learning how to use ropes on ascent and rescue fellows from crevasse. I learned knots, techniques and how to appreciate such a perfect view. We had ‘some’ beers later that evening and the company was very warm with ‘interesting’ and flowing conversation.

The following day, Filip took us out higher up to use crampons, snowshoes, avalanche assessment. I could see the angry peak of Veleta with the snow drifting off….she looked beautiful. Also learned some meteorology and cloud formations. We even went to visit the local Buddhist Temple.

Day three and four with Victoria – very professional with an epic sense of humour. We attempted a Summit of Veleta but unfortunately, the weather took a turn which meant we were unable to move to an unmanned refuge and rough it up. The guides at Spanish Highs have the experience to make choices to ensure your safety, listen to them. I stayed lower down in a manned refuge for the night.

Day four, we set off early and shoeshoed up to Veleta. It was hard work and challenging following a professional skier up a mountain. We made it up in very good time and the summit was still with no wind. It was perfect. Took pictures, ate, took more pictures, stared at the mountains and clouds below. It was perfect… Something inside of me just clicked, I can’t explain.

We came back to base, had some beers and a chat. Made sure I was ok and wished me farewell.

Like a Family
Not one day did I feel like an outsider. It was like being part of an extended family… It literally felt like home. I would like to say with Spanish Highs, I made some friends…and when I return with my boots, I will be visiting Lanjaron and be greeting them as friends.

The Future…
Every Icecapped mountain I will climb, Richard, Kiersten, Filip and Victoria will ring out in my mind – with them at Spanish Highs they gave me the confidence to move that leg higher and forward on dangerous ground.

Thanks guys!! See you soon.

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Chris Cornell (Winter Skills March 2016)

Thank you Richard, Jane and Filipe for a fantastic couple of days. The photos are great!

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Kriston Renshaw (Alpine Introduction March 2016)

Can’t really put it into words about how epic this trip was. Richard and his team are so friendly giving their expert advice and very helpful. I will be back…

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David Lintern (Alpine Introduction Feb 2016)

A huge thanks for the trip and your time and experience last week. Had a really great time and feel positive that the info is finally a bit more embedded than previously! I hope so. Also just bloody great to meet like minded souls and be back in the Sierras… love it there.

Photo below by David Lintern

“Been hanging out with an outfit called Spanish Highs on a mini mountain adventure, for a story somewhere down the line. A lovely arc to our little journey and superbly lead by Richard Hartley.”


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Nick Cranham (Alpine Introduction Feb 2016)

Many thanks for a great experience.  I learnt a lot in two days and although there remains a huge amount to be learnt we absorbed a lot in a relatively short period of time.

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Tara and Sarah (Alpine Introduction 21-24 Jan 2016)

From both of us I would just like to say that we had a great weekend both with yourself and Jens and you have certainly given us the confidence and basic skills to take our alpine skills to the next level.

Read more about Sarah and Tara’s trip here from their blogs

Dont Eat Yellow Snow ..!!

High is the Word

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Peter and Bryan (Alpine Introduction 27-31 Jan 2016)

It has been some absolutely fantastic days. The instructional day we had with you was really good in terms of basic technical skills and as we learnt over the next couple of days it is good to practice these in less extreme conditions.

The three days in the high mountains with Jens were really fantastic. Jens is a super guide. What an awesome location! Certainly mixed conditions which is good unless you want to be a “fair weather” mountaineer. Our last day up there was absolutely amazing weather wise and a perfect ending to our “course”.

Thank you and Jens once again – it has been fantastic!!!

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TomP via Trip Advisor “Fantastic week in the mountains”

We spent six amazing days with Spanish Highs covering a huge range of mountaineering experiences. From Alpine gulleys and peaks, through ice climbing, ski mountaineering, a stay in an unguarded refuge deep in the mountains to grade 1 and 2 scrambling, and Via Ferrata. The region is simply stunning and I was deeply impressed by the quality of the guides. Richard and his crew were professional, friendly and also knew the best watering holes!

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Matt and Ethan (Winter Activities, Feb 2015)

Thanks for a fantastic week! Can you thank Filipe again for us too. We had a great time, despite not making it to the top again. Ethans mum made him go to the hospital today because of his sunburn but I think he’s wearing his battle scars with pride!

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